Job Search Tips Inspired by The Beatles

You may be saying to yourself, Job search tips inspired by the Beatles?  Yup! This iconic band has been in the public eye since 1960. Even though they only had a 10-year run, their messages have been heard over and over throughout the decades.

The ability to create music that makes a large impact on a generation is no small job.  The messages in those songs have to be simple and meaningful.

Let’s take a stroll down Abby Road to see just what kind of inspiration we can find in some of The Beatles hit songs.  

‘Hey Jude’

Let’s kick it off with one of the most notable songs of 1968.  I bet you’ll immediately start to sing the open lines to this song.

“Hey Jude, Don’t be afraid. Take a sad song and make it better.”

Job hunting can be very stressful for some people; especially if you are unemployed and are looking to return to the workforce asap.  Whether it was voluntary or involuntary unemployment, being out of work is stressful on almost every household.

On top of household stress, you can add the grind of finding a job.  Updating your resume, applications, interviews, researching companies, and networking make finding a new job… well, a full-time job.

Over this time a person can find themselves reminiscing over the loss of their past job, or being apprehensive about future opportunities. In a competitive job market, the constant rejection can wear on a person after a while.

By taking some advice from Paul, one can reorient themselves toward the bright side of job hunting. If things seem to be hitting a wall and you don’t know why take the time to make it better.  

Be direct with your prospective employers. Ask for feedback on how to improve your resume, interview skills, or to just find out how you can improve your job hunting skills.  After all, that perfect job is out there somewhere, and you will want to be well polished to get it.

‘Day Tripper/We Can Work It Out’

Everyone needs a reminder when we are caught up in drama.

“Life is very short and there’s no time for fussing and fighting my friends”

Have you ever watched Bridezilla?  It’s that show about people getting caught up in the fuss and the muss of getting married.  Tieing the knot is way up there on the list of life’s stressful processes.

Getting caught up in picking on small details to find the perfect job or company will always slow anyone down.  It’s good to be well organized and put together, but there is a level of too much detail at the cost of moving forward.  

Be prepared for the job when it’s in front of you, not after it passes you by.  Keep moving. You can’t accept the perfect job offer if you are busy fussing with details that don’t carry the weight with your prospective employer that you think they do.  

‘Can’t Buy Me Love’

Remember this one.

“Cause money can’t buy me love”

Stacking job applications from the highest salary to the lowest is one type of prioritization strategy that people sometimes use.  Who doesn’t want to be Scrooge McDuck rolling around in piles of cash?

In some cases, people choose their job based on the highest salary.  The consequences of such, on their health and happiness, can be pretty dramatic. We have all heard cautionary tales and stories like the young law associates sleeping in their offices three or more nights a week. BIg pay often comes with big accountability.

Can the extra money buy you love?  The answer, according to The Beatles, is no.  But what about you? Do you have or want a family?  Do you like time off? Do you like strong company benefits?  Are you willing to trade all or some of these things for a larger salary?

All of these are important considerations to make when applying for your new job.  Wealth is measured in all kinds of metrics. You just have to find out how you measure yours.


People often struggle with this…Asking for help.

“When I was younger, so much younger than today. I never needed anybody’s help in any way.  But now these days are gone. I’m not so self-assured. Now I find, I’ve changed my mind, I’ve opened up the doors”

There are many situations where a little help goes a long way.  You could be looking for a new job after working for the same company for 15+ years.  You could be changing career paths. You could be brand new to the workforce. In all these instances, a little help will go a long way.

Don’t be afraid to ask your network for some fresh ideas and motivation.  

Find a mentor.  Someone who has successfully completed the journey that you are on.  Their perspective can help guide you along your way and can lift you up if you were ever to be in bad spirits.

While family and friends are the low hanging fruit of networking, look elsewhere as well.  People are very diverse in their experience and approach. Some people put peanut butter on both sides of their PB&J.  Some do not. Some people cut the crust off. Some use whole grain. Some use white. But, the same goal of eating is being achieved by all…and everyone has to eat… and work.

Article Updated from the Original on December 6, 2018