Weighing the Internet Job Search Market: Indeed vs. ZipRecruiter

Jolene Pilgrim
19 Sep 2017

When you’re in the market for a new job, career or freelancer position, it can be difficult to know the best place to turn to begin your search for moving up up the professional ladder.  Sure, your well-meaning grandmother may think you should turn to print and the old stand-by classifieds but newspapers being a reliable spot to find work went out of style along the same time as her floral-print couch.  Then there’s your kinda sorta reliable college roommate who swears by the newest and greatest tech start-up that doesn’t exactly pay right now but in a few years when they launch that IPO…

Enter the world of online job boards.  With potential employers given the ability to instantly connect with thousands of prospective employees with just a few clicks of a mouse button, the internet job listing services are a valuable resource for career seekers looking to form immediate connections with the most recent job listings.  

But with the booming internet field and the entry of johnny come lately job listing sites, which search engine should you trust to return the most reliable results, update you in a timely basis and get you into the role of your dreams.  Here we look at Indeed versus ZipRecruiter when it comes to which service is best for employers and employees looking in the virtual market for real life job opportunities.

Features, Services and More

When it comes to job searching one of the key features that helps qualified candidates score the best, open positions is the ability to sort by date.  In today’s fast moving job market, the best positions get filled up fast.  Quality employers can’t afford to sit around for days, weeks or months, waiting for candidates to find their listings, apply and make their way through the application process.

On the job seeker side, few things are more frustrating than applying for a position only to find out that the listing is stale.  Some websites may list “open” job positions when they happen to come across the information. Indeed.com is a major player in the internet job listing board market meaning that employers come to Indeed with their listings first.  In addition, Indeed’s experienced and professional job seeking staff are constantly on the hunt, using the latest and greatest in Internet search technology to include job listings as they are posted.  The newer the listing, the better the chance a candidate has of snagging the job of their dreams and Indeed.com is positioned better than any other job search site to provide timely, on the spot info.

Reliability and Reputation – The Bottom Line

Whether you’re a job searcher or an internet job search board, reputation is key to building the trust needed in order to be successful and see results. Indeed.com has the reputation, staying power and history in the job-searching industry needed to attract the best of the best when it comes to jobs and potential employees to fill employer’s needs.  

Zip Recruiter has a shorter track record and will often be approached with caution by all sides in the job search process.  As in all industries, an established online job listing company will draw greater and better opportunities and will be relied upon more to provide quality and consistent service.  These qualities will attract a greater number of career opportunities as well as higher quality, as employers and potential employees often flock to the sites best known for providing results.  

The Indeed vs. ZipRecruiter Wrap Up

When it comes to online job searching, Indeed.com has the skills, tools and proven track record with both job searchers and those in need of quality candidates.  Indeed’s website provides on the spot job listings with the ability to sort by listing date, leaving ZipRecruiter behind in these valuable resource categories.  In addition, newer companies such as ZipRecruiter lack the long term reputation needed to show all sides in the career-hunting game that quality employers and candidates can connect in an efficient and timely platform.

All of these qualities, technology reputation and experience, help potential employers and job candidates make the important choice of where to spend their time and efforts when it comes to job and career needs.  If you’re in search of a new job or career, consider Indeed for comprehensive platform for gaining traction and a much needed upper hand.

Jolene Pilgrim