5 Solutions to Help Your Job Search Productivity Skyrocket

What do you do when you feel like your job search is in a rut? Maybe you’re missing a piece of information you need for a resume bullet point or suddenly cleaning your room just becomes of utmost importance. Read on for solutions for some of the most common excuses that may be delaying your job search. Identify those you may be guilty of and use the fixes to help your job search productivity skyrocket.

Job Search Challenge: I Don’t Know How or Where to Start

Job Search Fix: Make a Plan With Daily (Even Hourly) Goals

Finding a job can seem like a daunting task if you don’t have a clear starting point. Take the process one step at a time. Create an overall plan clarifying each step in the process that will help you achieve your ultimate objective of securing a job. Set small daily, and even hourly, goals for yourself so you can check off each step as you complete it. In no time you’ll have achieved your goal of securing a fantastic new job!

Your Job Search Challenge: I Don’t Have Everything I Need to Apply

Your Job Search Fix: Start With What You Already Have

Whether you’re trying to complete a school assignment, a project at work, or even an everyday task, like getting your car fixed, sometimes you don’t have all the information you need at the exact moment it would be useful. The same is true during a job search. Maybe you’ve asked one of your former employers for a number to add to your resume or there is a supplemental application with unclear instructions or that will take some deep thought. A piece of missing information does not have to be a substantial setback in applying. If you complete the parts of the application you can now and prepare your documents with the information you currently have, once you get the relevant information or clarification, you can simply add the missing pieces and send off your application. You won’t feel rushed and can provide an application that is a reflection of your best self.

Job Search Challenge: I Get Distracted

Job Search Fixes: Find An Accountability Partner and Make It Tangible

We’ve all been there. It seems like suddenly cleaning your room or chatting with a friend online is the highest priority. You can make all the excuses in the book for avoiding your job search. Choosing an accountability partner, either a trusted friend or another job seeker, can help combat these excuses. Even sitting in the same room while your accountability partner works on a different project can help you to focus on your job search. Alternatively, having the motivation of another job seeker who may be experiencing the same struggles and frustrations with the job search process can provide great comfort. Also, writing down your task or goal makes it more official and you’re more likely to complete it. Take a paper and pen and write yourself a note or type up and print your task or goal. For example, “I will revise my resume today.”  If need be, set a clock or timer that runs and devote an hour to the job search process. Providing motivation with a tangible item, like a note or clock, can help officiate the time you’ve decided to devote to job hunting.

Job Search Challenge: I Don’t Have Time

Job Search Fix: Establish a Specific Time and Place

If finding a job is a priority, you need to make time to complete the process. Start small and don’t try to do everything in one sitting. Assigning your job search an hour each day, a time when you feel most able to focus, can be helpful. Set aside an hour just to research positions or fix your resume. For some people, finding a location to work outside their home increases productivity. However, you can change work locations or times of the day as many times as you want. True focus does not come from sitting in the library versus at your kitchen table. Rather it stems from the internal motivation that says you really want a job and the opportunities for your future.

Job Search Challenge: I’m Overwhelmed

Job Search Fix: Take a Moment to Breathe

Job searching can be overwhelming so before you begin the process and each task, take a second to clear your mind and really focus. Let all your other thoughts, anxieties, and outside tasks drift away and make room to think only about your job search. If you enjoy positive motivation, you can even think about your ultimate goal of securing a job you enjoy and the end result of how happy you’ll be at your new company. This tactic will help you dedicate time to your job search with a clear mind.