How to Stay on Top of Your Job Search Via Mobile Devices

Modern job-seekers have it pretty easy when it comes to staying on top of their searches.  Instead of flipping through the classifieds section every morning, lists of open positions, catered to your specific specialty, are automatically delivered to your email inbox.  No more cold calling, perusing storefronts for “help wanted” signs or walk-ins to your favorite establishment, begging for a position, any position.  With modern technologies, job boards bring potential employers directly to your keyword search or resume listing.

With all of these advances in technology, why are you still tied to your desktop computer or unable to check listings for multiple hours while you’re on the go?  If the increasing cost and rising, media-hype driven popularity of increasingly sophisticated mobile devices hasn’t clued you into their usefulness, here are a few reasons you should be using your phone, tablet or other on-the-go device to stay on top of your job search.

Maximize Your Time

One of the biggest advantages of using your mobile device to track your job-search activities is the ability to multi-task or avoid wasted time during otherwise unproductive activities.  Tired of playing Sudoku on the train?  Why not check your email for the most recent open job listings.  Oh, by the way…that job just opened up 15 minutes ago.  

Use your smartphone or mobile tablet to check in during breaks, travel or other breaks in the daily action.  Being able to see and reply to the latest listings ahead of the competition is key to landing the offer in today’s competitive work environment.

Notifications Give You the Edge

Speaking on staying on top of the latest job listings; no matter how attentive you may be to swiping down for the latest inbox updates, even the most diligent mobile users can’t be actively checking their email at all times.  Enter advances in mobile technology in the form notifications.

We’ll admit that when it comes to the latest news alert, social media update or re-post, notifications can get a tad…annoying.  But before you throw the baby out with the bathwater, notifications can actually be a job seeker’s best friend.  Most online job boards, such as Simply Hired, allow users to set customized notifications that will “push” or appear on their phone’s lock screen.  Don’t want to be notified every five minutes?  Set your preferences for hourly, daily or less.  Staying on top of your search has never been easier.

Keep That Resume Handy

What if that email or notification alerts you to the job of your dreams, while you’re sitting in a meeting, running errands or in the middle of an all-day social event?  With advances in mobile technology, having your resume ready to hit submit at the click of a button is no problem.

With cloud-based storage, applicants can store multiple versions of their resumes, cover letters, transcripts and other important documents for easy attachment to applications, sending to recruiters, networking with friends, colleagues and more.  No more waiting until you get home or are in front of that clunky desktop.  The ability to move quickly means you have the first crack at the best opportunities in addition to appearing professional and responsive to those in the position to help get you employed.

Dealing With Mobile Unfriendliness

In today’s day and age, it’s becoming increasingly less likely that you’ll encounter websites that haven’t been optimized for mobile devices.  Browsers and search engines such as Google Chrome and the popular corresponding Google web search, even knock sites down in rankings if they aren’t up to speed with the latest on-the-go trends.  This doesn’t mean, however, that you won’t occasionally encounter a site that doesn’t play nicely with your mobile device.  While speed is the key in today’s day and age, it’s in your best interest to get your application right.  In this case, email yourself a link to the open job position and get on it as soon as you can in order to avoid sacrificing quality.

How do you use your mobile device to search for a job?  Drop us a line with your tips and tricks and maybe your advice will help future job-seekers looking to stay on top of their mobile game.


Article Updated from the Original on November 6th, 2017