How to Network Through Facebook to Get a Job

Social media aficionados know that not all websites, blogs and networking boards are created equal.  LinkedIn is the spot for the professional crowd looking to promote their careers, Instagram is the place for selfies with your BAE and MySpace…well let’s just say that we’re pretty sure it still exists.  For pure reach and connection capability, however, none of these beat the sheer reach and scope of Facebook.

While Facebook is definitely a more relaxed platform, job seekers would be remiss in dismissing the site as nothing more than a platform for how-to fancy food videos and silly cat memes.  Businesses are increasingly recognizing the value in creating and maintaining a strong Facebook presence.  As someone looking to network or make a career move, the website may also serve as a valuable resource in your job hunt.  Want to hear more?  Read on to find out how to network through Facebook to get a job.

Spread the Word

One of the most tried and true methods for identifying potential open positions is good, old-fashioned networking with your peers.  Traditionally job seekers have used phone, email or in person lunch dates to scope out the possibilities.  Facebook’s ability to connect people on demand using a variety of contact options is a definitive modern twist on the age-old concept.

If you’re in the job market, consider starting an open post to ask friends and colleagues if they know of anyone looking for talent.  Chances are that your like-minded friends will have heard through the grapevine of an opportunity or two in your chosen career field.  This method also allows friends the chance to earn a nice referral bonus if their place of business offers that kind of perk.

Get Interactive

Facebook isn’t just for sharing posts, pictures and status updates.  The ability to create and participate in discussion groups with professionals in your career field or with similar hobbies can also provide an invaluable networking opportunity.  If you don’t have a specific group in mind, put your fingers to work in that search bar.  Look for keywords, phrases or job titles and see what pops up.

It’s important to note that unlike many other professional networking geared forums, Facebook is often a casual atmosphere for people to exchange ideas.  This can be helpful for building meaningful relationships and forging connections that lead to job opportunities, but may also trip up would be job-seekers who get a bit loose on the keyboard.  Remember to not say anything on Facebook that you wouldn’t say in person and you’ll be ready to take advantage of social interaction in order to make big-time career moves.

Do Your Research

When it comes to helping out in the job department, Facebook can also be an excellent place to research your prospective employer.  Job boards and career advice columns are littered with articles that tell you to perform plenty of due diligence prior to submitting an application or attending an interview.  In addition to important details regarding corporate culture, seeing just how the company interacts with its clients and customers can convey important details about what they’re looking for when it comes to employees that will be representing their brand.  

The Facebook Bottom Line

While you may have signed up for the cute pictures of your nieces or to spy on your ex without landing a stalker charge, Facebook can be a useful tool for those in search of new career prospects.  However you engage, remember to conduct yourself professionally and in a mom-approved manner and you’ll be on your way to social media, job networking success.  

Article Updated from the Original on December 13, 2017