Great Jobs for People Who Love to Build Things

How anyone ends up on a particular career path varies. Some people know exactly what they want to do from a very young age; others spend time experimenting with different careers looking for the best fit for themselves. 

There are some habits, likes and hobbies that lend themselves to great job opportunities. Identifying traits you possess and discovering the careers they relate to can be tricky. As part of a series of posts to Simply Hired’s blog, we’ll be looking at a particular trait people possess and the jobs it prepares them for. Today we’re focusing on people who love building things. If you get satisfaction seeing something where there was once nothing and always tout the value of Legos, perhaps one of these jobs is a good fit for you.

Architect: average $73K a year

Architects design and oversee the construction of buildings. It’s their responsibility to make sure building projects meet safety and zoning regulations. To work as an architect you’ll need a certification and experience in the field that you can get from internships.

Carpenter: average $31K a year

One of mankind’s oldest professions, carpenters create items from many materials—most often, wood. Carpenters may not build things on the sheer scale of architects, but they get to build with their bare hands. A big part of carpentry can be dangerous (electrical, etc.), so if you don’t have attention to detail, then carpentry may not be for you.

City planner: average $51K a year

Okay, the job title may be a bit misleading. City planners are not designing and building cities. They determine ways to use public land to meet the needs of the community. This job offers the opportunity to positively impact a community. As public policy grows more concerned with renewability and sustainability, city planners are increasingly focused on green initiatives.

Landscape architect: average $63K a year

All building doesn’t have to be with steel and wood. If you love the outdoors and have a green thumb you may want to think about working in landscaping. Working as a landscape architect you’ll have the chance to make parks and other outdoor spaces pleasant to the eye.

UI designer: average $70K a year

Do you ever find yourself on a website saying to yourself, “Why did they design this the way they did? It’s so confusing!” If so, there may be a career waiting for you in user interface design. UI designers figure out the best design for webpages so users can engage with them in an efficient manner. To work as a UI designer you’ll need to code and have some working knowledge of design theory.

Visual merchandiser: $33K a year

Rounding out our list is visual merchandiser, a job mainly attached to retail where you have the opportunity to design, set up and install visual displays in order to catch the eye of potential customers. This is a fun way to utilize your interest in building because you have the chance to see firsthand what impact your product has on customers. Although a degree can help you land one of these jobs, it may not be completely necessary.

All salaries via Simply Hired’s salary estimator.