How to Get Found by Recruiters on LinkedIn

Savvy job-seekers know that google searching and sifting through loads of internet listings isn’t always the best bet for finding top notch open positions in your field.  Matop-notch top companies in sectors from legal to manufacturing often work exclusively through trusted recruiting firms to help locate the best and brightest talent. In addition, recruiters can often work with top quality talent to find the ideal job listing, even if they don’t have anything currently at hand.

Before you take advantage of the many benefits of a professional, however, you have to make a connection or be “discovered”.  LinkedIn and similar professional networking sites are often ideal places to make the connection with a recruiting expert. With that in mind, we’ve put together some helpful guidance for how to get found by recruiters on LinkedIn.

Get on Search Results

First things first.  When looking to attract the attention of a quality recruiter, you have to show up on their radar.  Having your name come across their virtual LinkedIn desk is key to piquing interest. Here are three tips for making that happen:

Tip 1: Connect with as many recruiters as possible.  Try typing into the people search terms such as “recruiter” or “[City Name] recruiter” to find individuals in your area.  Once you’ve become virtual LinkedIn “connections” your name will naturally pop up in their feed as you contribute and interact, which leads us to tip 2…

Tip 2: Contribute and interact as much as possible and professional.  Adding content that’s relevant and interesting is the best way to consistently be seen in the virtual space.  More than just liking and commenting willy nilly, try to engage in relevant discussions, calls for help or publish or share articles from your target industry.  Avoid argumentative comments or post and keep things career-oriented to appear as a serious candidate to recruiters.

Tip 3: Fill out that profile.  Having a relevant profile for your desired position is key towards getting and keeping recruiter interest.  Your title will often appear under posts in a news feed. Plus, if you can get an individual recruiter’s attention long enough for them to click into your profile to view (see the next section) you’re likely to have enough substance to persuade them into further outreach.

Having a well flushed-out profile is needed for the all important profile search.  If recruiters are actively on the hunt for candidates for a position, having the relevant job experience keywords will help bring your name to the top of the list.

Make Them Click

Once you’ve managed to connect, it’s time to get recruiters interested in taking the next step and making direct contact for either potential placement help or active interviewing for a currently open position they may be staffing.

Tip 1: Your profile is your online resume.  When it comes to professional networking websites, your public profile should be a snapshot of your skills and experiences that would make you just the right candidate for an open job.  With this in mind, leave off the cute pictures of your pup or those scenic snaps from your last weekend getaway. Recruiters are far more likely to click and interact with candidates that take the platform seriously and look like they’re interested in making career moves.

Tip 2: Feature a professional headshot.  Along the lines of your LinkedIn profile being and staying career related, your profile picture should portray you in the professional and career focused light.  If you don’t have a photo handy, consider investing in a professional headshot. Many professional or up and coming photographers have reasonable rates for these short and concise session.  If you don’t feel like investing in a pro, ask a friend to help you out by taking a picture of you styled in work attire with an appropriate, neutral backdrop.

Tip 3: Monitor your progress.  While LinkedIn’s features change depending on your description level, even the free version gives valuable insights into who is viewing your profile and when.  For further detail, click on the tools that showcase your trend of appearing in searches. Monitor both individual views and trends closely and make changes to your profile, keywords, picture or content to help move the needle.

Our closing advice for connecting with recruiters on LinkedIn is to work consistently and have plenty of patience.  Maintaining a professional profile may not have immediate payoff, but the dividends will return over time as you amass more views by those in the job know.

Article Updated from the Original on April 4, 2018