5 Reasons to Use a Job Search Engine to Find Your Dream Job

Are you relying on Google or a job board for your job search? You can accomplish more by using a job search engine. Let’s run through five reasons to use a job search engine such as Simply Hired to find your dream job.


1. Time
Job search engines aggregate job listings from many sources such as company websites, agencies and job boards. This gives a job seeker access to a high volume of jobs in one location. For example, Simply Hired is a one-stop shop that collects millions of job listings from throughout the internet.

2. Relevance

A job search engine invests in “domain specific taxonomies.” What’s that? It means that a job is tagged with the attributes that are relevant to that job, such as location, company name and title. The result of custom tagging is that a job search engine understands what job seekers are looking for. What’s more, a job seeker is able to filter and sort job listings to access desired listings easily. Want to see all of the sales manager jobs in Dallas? Done. Simply Hired offers more than a dozen job-specific filters to tailor search results to seeker interests and invests in best-in-class, Amazon-like shopping experiences to job search.

3. Research

You need to have the right information at your fingertips to make informed decisions. Job search engines provide access to detailed job research, which can help a job seeker feel confident and informed. Simply Hired publishes salary data, job demographics data and trends from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to help job seekers.

4. Speed  

In a competitive environment where jobs are filled quickly (sometimes in a matter of hours), time is of the essence. Job search engines provide avenues for job seekers to stay on top of recent job postings through custom products and features. Simply Hired sends millions of email alerts to job seekers every day with new job postings as they become available.

5. Personalization

A job search engine will tailor the job search for you. The more you use it, the smarter it works on your behalf. A job search engine also provides multi-channel access so you can receive job listings via phone, tablet or laptop. For example, if you’re looking for marketing jobs in San Francisco on your smartphone, the job search engine can make personalized recommendations on your phone based on your location. Here’s an example of how this search may look like on your smartphone.

Simply Hired offers personalized job recommendations for job-seekers, and it has a robust, multi-channel product suite so you can personalize your job search anywhere, anytime.

Tell us why you use a job search engine for your job search. We look forward to your comments.