How to Find Hiring Events

Job fair, hiring event, career fair, open house, recruiting event – these are only a few of the terms that refer to events you can attend to find a job. And fortunately, there are just as many names for these events as there are actual events, which take place across industries all over the country. You can easily Google search “job fair” in your geographical area or industry and find hundreds of events listed.

However, besides simply Googling, there are other tactics to find an event that you can use as a jumping off point to secure your next role.

Research Early and Often

Do your research early and often. The worst feeling is to read about an event that you could have attended – yesterday. Companies and events are constantly scheduled and added last-minute, and other events could be scheduled months in advance. The key to find these events, and your next role, is to keep your eyes peeled.

Reach Out to Your Contacts

Your contacts are a vital resource. A contact may be aware of an event his or her company is hosting or just be aware of a job event in the community. People are a resource, and now is the perfect time to reconnect with old colleagues or managers and capitalize on their knowledge.

Check Out Universities

If there is a university in your area, just because you graduated or didn’t attend doesn’t mean you can’t attend its events. Just check to see if entrance doesn’t require registration or a student ID. Some universities do limit their events to students only.

Use Social Media

Be social and use social media to find hiring events. Take advantage of all your social outlets, not just LinkedIn, to find hiring events. Many companies and events will create Facebook pages or advertise with tweets. Some companies even have Twitter and Facebook accounts designated only to hiring and open jobs in their organizations. Check any LinkedIn industry groups that you’ve joined and don’t be afraid to ask around about events on social media.

Peruse Company Career Pages

You can start by browsing in Simply Hired’s Company Directory to see if any companies pique your interest. Then you can search their company careers pages or homepages for job events or networking offerings.

Be proactive – research, use your network, and check out your social and in-person communities. We guarantee you will find a job event that will land you your next role in no time.

And don’t forget, once you find that job fair or networking event, do your research on the companies that will attend, dress to impress and have a plan of action to visit and impress those companies and individuals who can help you launch your next job opportunity.