Don’t Miss The Most Popular Job Search Articles of 2014

The year 2014 experienced a surge in workers on the move, both from a job search perspective as well as from a hiring perspective. Simply Hired saw the number of open jobs climb for the last five months of the year, culminating in 4.1 million open positions in December. Similarly, visits to increased by 37 percent last year with a corresponding increase in job searches.

Along with a greater desire to find a new job, our job seekers were prolific readers, seeking out advice to make their job searches more effective. January traditionally is one of the most popular months to conduct a job search, so take a moment to refresh yourself on some tried and true advice before you jump in.

Here is a list of our most popular job search articles from 2014.

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  2. 10 Things That Aren’t On Your Resume (But Should Be)
  3. Healthy Hunting: Mind and Body Wellness during Job Search
  4. 5 Things to Do While You’re Unemployed
  5. How to Create an Irresistible Resume
  6. The 5 Fastest Shrinking Jobs
  7. Where Are the Entry Level Jobs?
  8. Recruiter Tips for Tackling the Robots Reading Resumes
  9. How to Prepare for a Job Interview on Short Notice
  10. The Challenging Resume: A Resume Makeover Case Study