Catch Up on Summer Reading With the Top Articles from Simply Hired

Do you need an excuse to sit by the pool or lake with your tablet this summer? Make it a productive “research-driven” endeavor by taking the Simply Hired Summer Reading List with you. Here are our most popular articles from the first half of 2015.

10. Job Interview Question: What Challenges and Problems did You Face?

Review this list of suggestions to learn what an interviewer is looking for when she asks about past challenges; implement storytelling tips to demonstrate your past successes and learnings.

9. Get the Call Back With Resume Action Statements

The author shows specific ways to convert your ho-hum resume into a powerful record of accomplishments.

8. Small Businesses the Best Bet for New Grads

Learn how recent graduates can start a promising career by adding job opportunities from small companies into their job search.

7. Career Advice I Wish I Got as a New Grad

A recent grad provides tips to the 2015 graduating class.

6. What Homer Simpson Can Teach Us About Careers

Career information can come from some surprising sources. If you’re looking for someone who has had a variety of jobs, Homer’s your guy.

5. 9 Ways to Use Your Smartphone in a Job Search

Looking for jobs on the go is getting easier as companies become more mobile-friendly. Put your smartphone to use in your job hunt with these nine tips.

4. Use LinkedIn to Get Calls from Recruiters

Even if you haven’t worked at a big, well-known company, you can still drive recruiters to your LinkedIn profile. Read this article for a step-by-step guide.

3. Make Money in 2015 with these Career Skills

Are you looking for a new career direction or contemplating a certification course? Find out which ones are likely to pay off in 2015.

2. How to Turn a Rejection Letter Into a Second Chance

Find out what one thing you can do after receiving a rejection letter to put yourself in the running for a second chance.

1. Job Interview Question: How did you deal with a difficult customer?

Learn how to talk about your past experience with difficult customers in a way that showcases your skills to a prospective employer. This article breaks down what information the interviewer is looking for and how to tell your story in a compelling way.