Business News That Job Seekers Need to Know, August 2015

This was an exciting week in business news. While we didn’t have the earnings reports or an anticipated IPO, there were some big developments. We learned that Comcast may invest as much as $250 million in Buzzfeed, which some are speculating may lead the net news giant onto television. IBM‘s Watson was also in the news, this time assisting CVS in predicting illness and disease in customers. There was also news that will impact job seekers.

With that in mind, here’s the top business news to keep in mind as you look for a new job.

Airbus wants to make transAtlantic flight in one hour

The patents have been acquired, and Airbus may soon change long distance air travel forever. Airbus’s newly designed plane will incorporate jet engines, rocket engines and more to travel at Mach 4 or more (4.5x the speed of sound). Compare that to the Concorde at Mach 2. The impact this new plane will have on the air travel industry is impossible estimate. Although the new planes will not appear in the immediate future, Airbus stock is already responding in a resounding “yes” to the concept.

Netflix gives 1 year paid maternity/paternity leave

Silicon Valley continues to lead the way in company culture. What started with bicycles, office chefs, and in-office dry cleaning at a handful of companies has morphed into a sanctuary for new ways of thinking about company culture and benefits. This week Netflix attempted to tackle the elephant in every workplace in America, namely maternity/paternity leave. It’s no secret that the United States lags behind much of the world when it comes to maternity/paternity leave. Even a few years ago paternity didn’t even exist in most companies. Today Netflix has pushed the envelope, allowing unlimited paid maternity and paternity leave. This move puts the company on par with some of the most progressive countries in Europe. If you’re looking for a job and considering starting a family, Netflix just became the most sought after destination.

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Apple eyeing the wireless carrier market

Yet another example of why we should never assume we know what’s going on at Apple. This week certain signals suggest the tech giant will move into providing customers with cellular service. But don’t think that means Apple is going to start building cell towers. Most likely Apple as carrier will be a virtual network, leased from existing providers. Customers will subscribe via Apple and  the company will provide them with what they’ve grown to expect from a carrier. While Apple has not confirmed, expect news in coming months.
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