Best Job Search Articles of the Week: June 27th

It’s hard to know what to read with so many job search articles published each week. So when a number of helpful articles are published in a given week, we like to call attention to a few worth checking out, a greatest hits of the week, so to speak. These are articles that need to be at the top of your job search playlist.

Job interview presentations

Lauren Riley’s How to Give A Presentation At A Job Interview shows how to deal with one of the trickier job interview scenarios, the presentation. Unlike the more traditional Q&A job interview, this style of interview requires you to make a formal presentation to a potential employer (think outside sales call). Although many of the preparation techniques will be the same as for a traditional job interview, there are some unique requirements as well. Check this article out if you’ll be presenting something in your upcoming interview.

How to Give A Presentation At A Job Interview

Job search communications

The job search is largely an act of attempting to effectively communicate your value to those that can employ you or assist you in finding employment. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to focus on how you communicate with those individuals. Arnie Fretig’s article lays out useful guidelines for you to follow as you navigate toward a new job.

8 Keys to Communicating Effectively During the Job Search

Jazzing up your resume

Despite it often being the first way we share ourselves with potential employers, many of us get into the habit of sending out pretty boring resumes. Maybe we’ll dress it up a bit with a obscure font or utilize a nontraditional format, but most often, we stick with the tried and true method of resume writing, complete with objective statement- work history, etc. Alex Malley addresses this very phenomenon, and determines that the resume should help us stand out. In his article published on LinkedIn he offers a way to get started.

Stop Sending Out Boring Resumes

Be ready for anything

Job interviews often feel intimidating. Why shouldn’t they? We’re entering a room and trying to convince someone we are a best candidate for an opportunity. But there is a secret weapon that will turn any job interview into a much easier assignment. PREPARATION. In this YouTern article, you’ll find an exhaustive list of 100 different questions that you might be asked in a job interview. Prepare for your interview with this list and you’ll be ready for anything.

100 Job Interview Questions You Must Be Able To Answer

Figure out what to do in life

It was the first question many of us can remember being asked, what do you want to do when you grow up? Although that question was easy to answer as a kid (I always said, “be Batman”), as we grow up and set out to start a career, it becomes harder and harder to answer. The Daily Muse offers a strategy for figuring out a response to this age-old question that might result in a bit of self discovery.

The Simplest Way to Figure out What You Should Do With Your Life