Best Job Search Articles of the Week: February 27

With so many articles on job search, job interviewing, networking, and career development, it’s hard not to miss something noteworthy.

With that in mind, we at Simply Hired have done some of the busywork for you and selected a few of the top articles from the last week.

The 2 Most Important Words In A Job Interview

Ann Fisher’s article in Fortune had a quite provocative title. What are the most important words to use in a job interview? Believe it or not, in this article you’ll learn that recruiters can size up your leadership potential if you use these two words. Curious, which words?

Know Your Job Search Competition

Liz Ryan always puts out thought provoking articles around career development and job search, complete with a great illustration, and this week is no different. In this piece, found in Forbes, she offers an alternative way to think about your job interview and handle your interaction with the interviewer. Namely, why the company is hiring? A hint: they are trying to solve a problem at the company.

8 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Job Search

Job search is trying enough. There’s competition and jobs are always in demand. If that isn’t enough pressure, what if you’re also battling yourself? That’s what Lisa Frank ‘s article calls out: the various ways you’re holding yourself back from job search success. Check out her list and make sure you’re not doing any of these things that can kill your chances of quickly landing a job.

12 Questions Worth Asking in Your Next Job Interview

Oh yes, the job interview is a two-way conversation. How many times have you heard that while preparing for an interview? But coming up with relevant and fresh questions to ask your interviewer is never easy. In this article Thorin Klosowski offers some original questions to better help you determine if you’re actually the person for the job.

Leonardo DaVinci’s Hand-Written Resume Will Make You Feel Inadequate

There’s been buzz around DaVinci’s resume for some time. Robbie Gonzalez’s article brings it back into the forefront highlighting just how impressive Leonardo really was. But take it as inspiration. Renaissance men and women live today too!