5 Positive Work Habits to Develop Before Graduation

With the hyper competitive job market, it’s imperative that you develop a strong work ethic during your college years. In order to prepare yourself for your future job, you should hone certain skills that are crucial to succeeding in any work environment. Whether you have a concrete career plan or are considering an unconventional job path, here are 5 healthy work habits to develop before you graduate that’ll help your future:

Time Management

As a student, one of the main keys to succeeding in college is having good time management skills. Whether it’s allotting study time or turning in your assignments on time, managing your schoolwork is vital to your education. In the work force, you’ll find that time management is also a required skill. Every job position requires the ability to manage time properly in order to get work done efficiently and on schedule. Learning how to become a self-regulating worker, who can manage time without constant supervision, is one of the most important elements to becoming a successful employee or future employer.


The ability to stay driven and focused, despite setbacks, will not only help you get through school but it will also help you succeed in your future work place. In every job environment and in every industry, being persistent is crucial to your professional prosperity. Learning to be persistent means being resilient after you falter and staying motivated to achieve your goals. While youthful ambition is important, it’s persistence that will help you have a long career.

Clear and Open Communication

Not just useful in the classroom and in your personal relationships, good communication skills are necessary in the work place, too. Whether you’re working in a leadership position or as an assistant, you’ll need to be able to clearly and openly communicate with your coworkers.

Strong communicators are able to give direction as well as take criticism. They are articulate both verbally and in writing, and understand the value of being a team player. It’s important to learn how to express yourself while also listening to the ideas and opinions of others. Being considerate and respectful to others, as well as practicing your speaking and writing skills are all vital components to improving your communication skills.

Dedication to Learning

In addition to learning to engage in open communication, it’s important to keep your own mind open to new knowledge. Your appetite for learning shouldn’t diminish once you’ve graduated. College is just one part of your lifelong education; in your future profession you should still seek to expand your intellect. Seeking out new information and ideas, or learning new skills related to your job field is how you stay sharp and invested in your work. Learning new things may even lead you to new, creative, and more fulfilling work in the future. Professional and personal growth is impossible without having an open mind that’s eager to learn.

Being Satisfied

When you’re forced to take a college class you don’t like, you may end up doing the minimum amount of work necessary to get a passing grade. But when you’re studying something directly related to your major, your passion shows in your eagerness to learn as much as you can. Your desire to learn and succeed is directly related to how much you truly care about the subject matter. College is the perfect time to determine what kind of work you enjoy doing and what you’re passionate about. While your interests and goals may change over the years, it’s still a good idea to consider your passion before entering the job market.

There is nothing that can completely guarantee your future success and financial stability but there are ways to fight against economic circumstance and professional dissatisfaction. Developing positive work habits while you’re in college will certainly aid you on your path to finding the right job. Finding and committing to work you care about requires learning to stay focused and driven while also being open to change and new opportunities. 

Javaher Nooryani is a writer and editor based in Denver, CO. She has a BA in American Literature & Culture from UCLA and a Masters in English & American Literature from NYU. As a former private tutor and college prep advisor, Javaher is passionate about higher education and is happy to share her knowledge on CollegeFocus, a website that helps students deal with the challenges of college.