5 Jobs That Happen in Vegas (And Will Stay in Vegas)

Las Vegas,“America’s Playground,” is thought of as an escape from your normal life–not a place to find a job. Don’t let the flashy Las Vegas strip fool you. The cost of living in Las Vegas is actually reasonable compared to other U.S. cities. If you were to move to Las Vegas from New York City, you could take a 50.3% decrease in salary and still maintain your standard of living. If $819 for a one-bedroom apartment sounds like a deal to you, maybe “America’s Playground” should actually be your new workplace. Plus, if you get sick of the nightlife, there’s plenty of outdoor fun you can get into surrounding the city.

Check out the top 5 jobs with the most growth in Las Vegas:


Nurses provide patient care but aren’t limited to just working in hospitals. Nurses are also needed in correctional facilities, schools and even at home with their patients.

  • Number of jobs: 3,071
  • Average salary: $73,000

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Office and Administrative Workers

Are you extremely organized, have excellent people skills AND consider yourself a      master of multitasking? Office & administrative workers need to possess all of these skills, and they can find jobs in almost every industry.

  • Number of jobs: 2,458
  • Average salary for office managers: $53,000

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Sales Representatives

If you want to be a sales representative, self-motivation is the biggest skill you should possess because most of the time your compensation is commission-based. Having a knack for connecting with people and being articulate is also helpful in this role because you will spend a lot of time negotiating deals with clients.

  • Number of jobs: 1,927
  • Average salary: $50,000 plus bonuses

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 Medical Therapists, Technicians and Assistants

Medical therapists, technicians and assistants are trained to perform certain clinical and administrative tasks. Their duties are specific to the medical practice’s location and size, and their specialization.

  • Number of jobs: 1,614
  • Average salary for medical technicians: $24,000

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Retail Workers

The number one skill retail workers need to be successful at work: customer service. Las Vegas is home to a number of big hotel chains that have retail stores that are in need of people with retail experience or excellent customer service skills.

  • Number of jobs: 1,254
  • Average salary for retail associates: $17,000

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