4 Ways Simply Hired Just Made Your Job Search Easier

When you’re on the hunt for a new job, the last thing you want is to have to jump through hoops in order to apply for a position or spend hours chasing stale listings.  While other online job search platforms may add groan-inducing hurdles to the process, Simply Hired leads the industry in making the process faster, simpler and more effective.  In short, Simply Hired just made your job search earlier with the tools you need to connect with employers looking for qualified candidates. Here are our picks of the four top tools offered on SimplyHired.com that give you the leg up in the job market.

  1. The Jobs You Want, Where You Want

Looking for an information technology job in the Seattle Suburbs?  How about a position as a mechanical engineer somewhere new New York City?  Or what about that ranching gig somewhere in Missouri? Whatever your desired career, Simply Hired makes it easy to narrow down your job search by the specific title, region, and city.  Find the job you want in the locale you’ve always dreamed of using several of Simply Hired’s popular features.

To begin, simply type in a job title into the Simply Hired search bar.  Next, enter the city and state where you’re looking to work. A quick click on the “Search Jobs” button later and you’ll be on your way to perusing listings that are relevant to your desired career path.  Not sure what you want to do but know where you want to live while doing it? Simply head over to Browse All Cities to look for open positions in the locale of your dreams.  Narrowing your search by location is only one of the many ways SimplyHired.com makes locating jobs simple and straightforward to take the hassle out of customized job searching.

  1. Looking to Work for a Specific Company?

Were you that person in High School or College that identified the person or company you wanted to work for one day?  Have you had Microsoft articles plastered across your memory board for more years than you can count? Perhaps you’ve followed the ups and downs of your favorite manufacturing company and it’s only strengthened your opinion that it’s the only place you need to be?

If any of the above scenarios sound familiar, you’re in luck.  Simply Hired’s intuitive job-search interface allows users to streamline their searches by industry, title, and specific companies.  Savvy job-seekers know that not all employers are created equal. At SimplyHired.com, there’s no need to settle for your second choice.  Not only can you narrow your search to the specific employer, but by setting up an alert you can also have new positions delivered as they appear, direct to your email inbox.  At Simply Hired, we help fulfill childhood #jobgoals one search at a time.

  1. Salary Estimator

For some people its the location, job title, or employer that matters.  For others, it’s all about the Benjamins. The beauty of Simply Hired is that no matter your criteria, users have the ability to customize their job searches to fit their specific needs.  In addition, Simply Hired’s Salary Estimator feature helps ensure that your compensation is on point once you’ve landed the job or during negotiations.

Being one of the world’s largest job sites has its perks.  When it comes to salary information, Simply Hired is uniquely positioned to capture industry, title, and company compensation trends.  Want to ensure you aren’t pricing yourself out of the market with a salary demand? Perhaps you’re exploring careers and want to delve into the average salary for your industry or job title of choice.  With the SH Salary Estimator tool, critical compensation information is at your fingertips. Simply type in your desired position or company and start exploring the monetary possibilities.

  1. The Platform Job Posters Trust

All of the fancy features don’t mean a hill of beans if employers don’t utilize your platform.  Lucky for would be job seekers, SimplyHired.com is a trusted name for both employees and those looking to hire top talent.  Employers know that they can utilize our free posting service to help connect companies with those looking to make career moves.  In addition to one-off postings, Simply Hired offers a host of customized options including application hosting and candidate recruitment.  Simply Hired also partners with dozens of other specialty and industry-specific job hosting site offering the most comprehensive coverage for employers.  

For those looking for jobs, this means that Simply Hired’s website has more listings than any other platform.  Simply Hired makes job searches easier by providing the best tools and the most comprehensive number of listings.  Simply put, Simply Hired is the job seeker’s one-stop shop when it comes to locating, researching and applying for the job of your dreams.  

Why waste time and energy sorting through dozens of competitors sites?  Head on over to SimplyHired.com today and find out why millions trust us to help make their employment dreams come true.

Article Updated from the Original on September 25, 2018