How to Ensure Your Job Interview Is Not Like A Bad First Date

Valentine’s Day is the time of year we associate with love and dating. You’ve maybe heard the comparison that job interviewing is like dating. You should dress to impress and be on your best behavior. But let’s talk about the flip side and discuss employer turn-off. If any of the below applies to you, employers might be afraid to get serious with you and offer you the job. You can tactfully reposition these so-called deal breakers so the person interviewing you will think you’re a keeper.

You’re ‘Not their Type’

Sometimes in dating people have a certain “type,” and no matter how beautiful or amazing you are, they just don’t see it working out. When applying for jobs, a lot of people are scared to respond to a job posting because it’s out of their industry or their skill set doesn’t quite match. You should apply for it anyways. If you make it to the interview, there is something in your experience that made the recruiter think you could be their pick. Play up your skills that will make you a good fit, but also emphasize how your different background will add a different perspective other candidates can’t offer.

You’re too self-absorbed

Have you ever been on a date when the person just talks about themselves like they’re the only person on earth that matters? No one wants to date someone who only cares about themselves. Employers want to see how you’re a team player and how you can contribute to the company. Make sure your answers to interview questions also include instances when you’ve showed that you work well with others and how your individual skills will contribute to a common goal. Another way to show this is asking questions about how the job’s responsibilities and efforts fit into the big picture.

You’re unsure of yourself

While you don’t want to be overconfident, being timid or acting unsure of yourself is the ultimate deal-breaker on a date and in a job interview. If you’re unable to talk about your skills in a confident manner the interviewer will quickly move on to the next candidate. The way to build confidence before an interview is to prepare. Ask friends and family to practice mock interviews before the actual interview. The final piece of advice, which is true for dating and interviewing, is just be yourself. You’re trying to find the perfect match just as much as the interviewer.

After the interview, it’s important to follow up with a thank you note or call. You want to make sure the employer thinks you’re interested and want to move on with next steps