How to Interview with Confidence

Whether you’re new to the job search market or a seasoned career pro, interviewing for that next big gig can be a nerve-wracking experience.  The difference between a job offer and a polite, no thanks, is often those x-factor qualities such as polish, poise and, most importantly, confidence.  When a candidate knows their stuff and exudes confidence in their skills and experience, it puts prospective employers at ease and shows that the job-seeker is the right man or woman for the position.  In need of a confidence boost for your next interview?  Read on for some of our favorite confidence boosting tips!

Convey Your Confidence Via Speech

They say the thing that sets man apart from the animals is our ability to communicate via speech.  Thoughtful, intelligent and confident speech during your interview is one of the primary ways to win over your new potential employer.  While most of us often don’t think about things such as speech patterns, word choice or spoken words per minute, these are all qualities that will be picked up on by potential employers.

Be sure to include deliberate pauses between sentences and inflection in the appropriate places.  Your speech should be an even 170 words per minute for optimal digestion for your listener.  Before your interview, try recording yourself answering sample questions and then play your speech back to help identify any quirks or other areas in need of improvement.

Practice Makes Perfect

Whether a music recital or a job interview, practice is the key to success with most things in life.  Before your job interview, practice responses to potential questions for preparedness on the day of.  Consider using a mirror to monitor things such as body placement, posture and facial expressions.  If you have a willing friend or family member, engaging in a mock interview for prep can help boost confidence levels by ensuring you’re prepared for whatever may come at you during the main event.  

Do Your Research

Preparation is more than just rehearsal of your answers or speech patterns.  Researching your potential employer and desired job position are huge confidence boosters for those looking to be unsurprised on interview day.  Thoroughly review the job listing for your potential responsibilities and don’t forget some background info on the company you want to work for.  Information on core values, history, industries and more could provide a valuable foot up in your quest to land the next job opening or prime employment position.

Identify Your Strengths and Assets

One of the primary keys to building confidence for your interview is knowing that you have the skills and abilities it takes to be the perfect fit for your desired job.  To prep for your interview and provide a vital confidence boost, compile a list of your personal and professional strengths the day before your interview.  Be sure to choose traits that will be applicable to your new role for added value in making you feel like you know your stuff.  This assurance that your skills and experience fit the job w you stand out from other candidates. Make sure you understand exactly what they are seeking from an employee and what specific skills or ideas you can bring to the table.

Dress for Success

The final tip for boosting confidence on interview day involves clothing yourself in armor suitable for the field of battle.  If you’ve ever adhered to the saying of dress for the job you want, suiting up in interview-appropriate duds will be old hat.  For other interviewees, putting on your interview best can help make you feel extra professional and polished which will provide big returns in confidence during your interview will shine through on interview day and help gain you the job offer of your dreams.  

Know what you have to offer

Go into the interview knowing that you are the right person for the job because of what you can offer the company. This will not only boost your confidence during the interview but also help your interviewers realize why

Have another tip for boosting your confidence on interview day?  Feel free to send us your ideas in the comments below.  From preparation to your appearance to your prospective employer, boosting confidence can often times mean the difference between landing the job of your dreams and coming away open handed  

Article Updated from the Original on September 24, 2017