15 Ways to Describe Yourself in a Sales Interview

If you’ve ever interviewed for a position in sales, you know the peculiarities and dynamics that exist in applying for these types of positions.  Salespeople must be outgoing, communicative and professional, all while maintaining the ability to pitch themselves or a product and close the deal.  In short, during your interview for a sales based position, you’re likely to be doing a lot of talking…about yourself.

While it’s a common question in most interview formats, being asked to describe yourself while applying for a sales job takes on a bit more importance.  Your pitch for your own skills and accomplishments not only serves as an introduction to the hiring manager of your candidacy, it’s also a practical test to see if you make the cut in the real world of selling.  With that in mind, prepping quality and unique answers to “how would you describe yourself” is essential for those looking to seal the deal and score an offer in the sales field.

Need inspiration or a head start?  Below are 15 ways to describe yourself during your next sales interview:

  1. “Someone who has high earnings expectations. I have confidence in my abilities and the ability to work hard to overcome any obstacles to success.”
  2. “I like to be judged on my individual performance and enjoy earning job related rewards based on my effort and ability to execute in the position.”
  3. “I’m someone who wants to work for a successful company and under a strong leader who can help guide my development and recognizes their top performers.”
  4. “I like to challenge myself personally and professionally.  While on the job I continually try to educate and grow my skills and talents to help increase my performance.
  5. “I am a hardworking individual who sets foundational goals for myself.  Once I reach a benchmark, I raise the bar and continue striving for greater heights.”
  6. “Someone who understands the value of customer service and listening to the client.  Understanding client needs is essential to customer satisfaction and performance.”
  7. “I pride myself in being able to work independently and autonomously.  I work well with individual and company wide goals and am able to strategize and execute without being micromanaged.”
  8. “I am someone who reacts well to high pressure situations and can maintain a cool and calm demeanor when faced with problems.”
  9. “I am a loyal employee with unwavering resolve.  I enjoy working towards personal success but also recognize that my accomplishments are tied towards my ability to make the company achieve its goals.”
  10. “I have a need to achieve and produce concrete results.  Setting new milestones and tackling challenges head on allows me to perform at my personal and professional best.”
  11. “Someone who meets and exceeds expectations based on a need to excel professionally.”
  12. “I’m a person who takes responsibility for their actions.  Mistakes should be owned and learned from rather than covered up or passing blame onto others.”
  13. “Someone who has an unwavering resolve towards producing results.  I recognize the need to go above and beyond in order to excel in a sales role.”
  14. “I am a strong team player who recognizes that you often need to put aside personal gain in order to help the entire organization excel.”
  15. “I understand the value of maturity and integrity.  Being candid with your coworkers and honoring your obligations makes you a better teammate and salesperson.”

It’s important to craft these responses in a way that feels genuine and true to yourself.  Feel free to rework the language until the answers are in your individual voice and geared towards your particular field and interview at hand.  With those ideals in mind, the above responses will help make answering the dreaded “describe yourself” question easier and more productive towards achieving job offer success.

Article Updated from the Original on March 17, 2018