Indeed vs CareerBuilder for Job Hunting Supremacy

Jolene Pilgrim
3 Oct 2017

Remember the old days when looking for a job meant heating up your morning oatmeal, pouring yourself a cup of coffee and getting your fingers stained with newsprint while you flipped through the classifieds of your local paper?  While we miss those Sunday morning cartoon strips, we certainly love the ease of job searching in modern times provided by the host of digital resources.  

From social networking sites jam packed with recruiters to job listing boards that connect potential employees with would be employers, technology has indeed helped bring the modern workforce together.  When it comes to these resources, however, there’s often debate over which platform is the best use of limited time and resources.  Two of the biggest and most well-known names, Indeed and CareerBuilder, often vie for both dollars and applicants.  Just who reigns supreme, though, in providing the best bang for your virtual buck?  We delve into the digital details to find out.

Compare and Contrasting the Features

When it comes to modern internet websites and tools, sophisticated users know it’s all about the extra features.  For searching job listings, job-seekers will find a wealth of features that increase accessibility on both platforms.  Both and allow users to either browse active jobs or type in job titles with the use of broad keywords.  Likewise, each site allows users to sort their results by state, city or region, as well as search popular companies and narrow down larger keyword lists with popular suggested job roles.  So far, so good.

If you’re looking for next level insights to help you get the job of your dreams, however, Indeed has CareerBuilder beat on sheer numerical data.  Indeed goes steps further than the competition, allowing users to sort jobs by employment status, expected salary range, education and experience levels.  In addition, independent analysis tools such as the salary calculator, let users research their chosen field before settling on a specific title or position.

Who Has the Bigger Reach?

Tools, data, and numerics are all fine and dandy, but when you’re on the job hunt you want to know that you’re finding the most comprehensive list of relevant results.  This is another category where Indeed beats out Careerbuilder for job-seeking glory. is the single largest platform for active job listings on the market.  

Part of the reason for the supremacy comes from the major difference in sourcing on the platforms.  Both and allow employers to post open listings directly to the website, acting as a virtual job board for those in need of quality talent.  Indeed, however, takes this concept one step further searching the internet for open positions and adding these as links that appear in the exact same lists as internally listed positions.  As a job aggregator, Indeed has greater resources at its disposal for connecting the best candidates with the best available jobs.

Bottom Line Results

All of these stats equal up to one thing when it comes to results and real-world job fulfillment Indeed tops Careerbuilder in most categories.  In 2016, 58% of U.S. companies’ external hires came from the Indeed platform.  This impressive number is made even more so when compared to Careerbuilder’s much smaller piece of the pie at just 10%.

From job search features to the number of listings to real-world results, beats out as the site to go if you’re searching for a new position job or career.

Jolene Pilgrim