Work in Healthcare? These 5 Cities Want Your Application

Do you love helping people get healthy? You’ll be glad to hear that the healthcare industry is booming across the country. The skills of new and experienced nurses, doctors, lab technicians and other medical specialists are in great demand, and you don’t have to stay in your current city to find a great new job. Here’s a look at five cities with a large number of  healthcare job in the United States and information about which positions are hottest right now in each. New York, New York New York is another high-cost-of-living city. It’s listed as the most expensive city in the United States with an average 1BR apartment running $3,039. Fortunately, the healthcare industry pays very well in New York. With 1,626 positions available, Doctors are highly desired in the area and staff physicians can make an average salary of $156,000 depending on experience and place of employment. Doctors in New York have experienced an increased month-to-month growth of 5.62%.

Los Angeles, California Los Angeles is a beautiful city with a high cost of living. According to Rent Jungle, the average 1BR apartment costs $1,950, and the city is listed as the 7th most expensive city in the United States on Expatistan. One of the top healthcare occupations in Los Angeles include Attending Physicians, who can earn an average salary of $172,000. This field has experienced a growth of 6.98% over the past month, with a total of job count of 2,995.

Boston, Massachusetts Boston is listed as the 6th most expensive city in the United States. Residents can expect to see the average 1BR rent run about $2,085. But the high costs may be worth it, as Boston came in at No.9 on Time’s list of healthiest metro areas. Lab Technician positions in Boston are in demand with a month-to-month growth of 3.11%. Lab Technicians in the city can expect to see average salaries of $37,000.

Atlanta, Georgia If you prefer Southern hospitality, consider the 15th most expensive city in the United States, Atlanta, with an average 1BR apartment running $1,073. Atlanta is also a healthy place to live, as noted by its No. 18 spot on the Forbes list of America’s Healthiest Cities. At the top of the list of healthcare positions in Atlanta is registered nurses (RN), who earn an average salary of $59,000. Nursing in Atlanta has increased 2.10% in the past month to a total of 36,146 open positions.  

San Francisco, California The San Francisco Bay Area is home to the second-most expensive cost of living in the United States and it costs $3,213 to rent a 1BR apartment. According to ArriveSF, that monthly rent bill might be worth it for all the things to do in the city. Plus, this fact might make the job a little easier: San Francisco made Time’s No. 4 spot for the healthiest metro areas in the United States. Some of the most popular healthcare positions in San Francisco Bay Area include Medical Therapists, Technicians and Assistants, such as Physical Therapists. This field has grown 5.58% over the past month to a total of 1,098 total job openings. Individuals in physical therapy can earn up to $86,000 depending on experience and place of employment.

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