Who Should Use an Employment Agency?

Jolene Pilgrim
25 Aug 2017

If you’ve ever been in need of a job STAT you’ve probably used or looked into using the services of an employment agency.  These companies provide a valuable interface between employers looking for immediate, typically temporary work and skilled labor who are in between positions or otherwise unable to find permanent, long term positions.  Employment agencies accept a payment or premium, typically from employers, in return for finding the perfect candidate to step in and step up to immediate work.

As a potential employment candidate, you may be wondering whether using an employment agency is right for your employment goals.  If this sounds like a familiar query, you’re in luck.  We break down the pros, minuses and whether your particular circumstances fit with the employment agency model.

Do You Have Skills that are in High Demand?

If you’re a candidate with a skill set that many employers are searching for, you may benefit from consistent work and high pay offered by the broker services of an employment agency.  Many smaller companies are in need of highly skilled professionals with niche job titles, but many not always have the consistent need dictated by hiring someone full time.  This leads to an incredible supply and demand opportunity that could see you earning big returns with an agency that can place you in the right role.

Get Help Testing Out the Job Market

For candidates that are inexperienced in hunting down potential positions, employment agencies can provide expert assistance in matching your skills with just the right position.  This can be a highly valuable service for those transitioning career paths or that may be facing outsourced or changing roles due to shifts in the employment market.  Employment agencies can also offer help to candidates without a great deal of interviewing or job searching experience taking the uncertainty out of locating or applying for a job in the first place.

A Chance to Get Your Foot in the Door

While typically an opportunity for temporary work, some larger companies are increasingly using employment agencies to hire for both short and long term staffing.  If you locate your dream company, check to see if they hire mainly or even exclusively through a given staffing agency.  If that’s the case, you may want to take a short term agency position to get your proverbial and physical foot in the door.  Once you have the position, it’ll be your job to impress and convince the company to keep you for the long term.

Fill Out The Experience Portion of Your Resume

Employment agency positions are an especially excellent resource for those in need of adding experience to their resume.  We’ve covered in the past how the job market is increasingly competitive meaning that employers are expecting relevant skills and experience for even entry level positions.  Employment agencies can place candidates that may have practical abilities but lack past positions.  Agency roles have no less of value on a resume than a traditional job role meaning that otherwise qualified candidates can benefit greatly from adding substance to their CVs.

Networking is (Career) Life

Temporary positions that you may accept through an employment agency provide the same kind of networking opportunities as do traditional job placements.  Even if you don’t end up scoring a long term position with your employer, job seekers can use the chance to network with other professionals in their field.  These contact can become valuable references, resources and more as you progress along your career path or transition into a search for long-term, permanent work.

Employment Agencies Aren’t for Everyone

While there are numerous benefits to using an employment agency to snag temporary, short-term work, there are inevitably going to be job-seekers that should steer away from these types of job placement operation.  Employment agencies are usually poor options for those seeking long term work.  If you’re an experienced candidate with prospects for traditional interviews, employment agencies may offer less total income in the long run as well.  Additionally, when you accept a position with an agency you limit the time you have for searching for permanent work.  Finally, candidates should be aware that some companies have policies in place that prohibit hiring agency workers for available long term work which could undermine your ability to get in with that company of your dreams.

Overall, employment agencies provide a valuable resource for candidates in need of work on the go.  While some individuals may benefit more than others, those in need of work on an ASAP basis can’t go wrong utilizing the services of a respectable placement firm. If you’re looking for work and fall into one of the categories above, give an agency a try and see how you can build career success on a short term basis.


Article updated from the original on August 25, 2017

Jolene Pilgrim