Top Jobs for Drivers Now Hiring

Professional drivers are in demand across the country. According to recent Simply Hired data, there are nearly 355,520 open positions for drivers, which constitutes about 7.5 percent of all open jobs. 

Whether your cargo is products or people if you love to drive, consider these occupations:  

Truck drivers

There are a variety of jobs available for truck drivers, some involve local runs, while others require longer hauls; some require experience while others are willing to train. If you have the skills and ambition to work as a trucker, the industry wants you. So shop around and find the fit that’s right for you.

Taxi drivers and chauffeurs

Taxi Driver jobs have increased by 11 percent over last year’s figures, largely due to rideshare networks Uber and Lyft. This is plentiful and flexible work that is especially in demand.   

Delivery service drivers

Delivery drivers bring convenience and are in high demand. Join the legion of drivers who enjoy bonuses and extended holiday hours.  

Forklift operator:

Professionals trained to operate forklifts are always in demand. Standard and extended hours are available as are day and night shifts.  

Bus driver:

There is a wide pay range for bus drivers; those in larger cities are likely to earn more. Unlike other driving jobs, bus drivers can command a routine schedule as they run their regular routes. This makes it a good fit for parents juggling the demands of family life.

Drivers keep the economy moving

The American economy depends upon professional drivers. If you have the skills it takes to work in this capacity, it’s the perfect time to find your dream job.