Top Job Seeker Business News – September 4th

One way to search for jobs is to hit the web and see who is hiring. Another way is to determine who is likely to start hiring soon and begin prepping materials and cultivating relevant connects so that when the job postings go up you’re ready to apply. Watching business and technology news can give you great insight into who may be hiring soon.

With that in mind, here are a few of the top stories this week that may indicate businesses will be hiring in the coming weeks and months.

Hulu drops the commercials, for a price

The streaming service has been looking for a way to distinguish itself from competitors like Netflix and Amazon for some time. So when Hulu announced this week that would be offering a premium service that allows users to watch programming free of commercials the news turned many heads. This new service may generate newfound interest in the service and, in turn, increase Hulu’s hiring needs. Stay tuned!

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Google reveals branding, announces Nexus event

It does seem a week can’t pass without Google making news. This week it’s the reveal of a new logo, new branding and the announcement of a product launch for Nexus scheduled for San Francisco later this fall. While new products and logos don’t necessary indicate new hiring, Google’s continued experimentation and reveal schedule indicate that the company is more agile than ever and will continue its streak of success.  

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McDonalds to serve breakfast all day

Although word around the fast-food giant McDonalds has been less than optimistic in recent months, that tide may soon turn. This week the iconic brand announced it will begin serving breakfast all day in October. Earlier in the summer when it was announced McDonald’s would “experiment” with serving breakfast all day there was a chorus of excitement. Now that it’s official and the Egg McMuffin will be available all the time, the allure of a quick bite to eat may increase McDonalds’ demand for new employees.

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