Top Business News for Job Seekers, July 24th

The past week in business was an eventful one, with companies across the US releasing their financial reports for the last quarter. A number of companies made big headlines, specifically Microsoft, Amazon, and American Airlines. Some of the financial news was good, some was bad. In addition, we saw Anthem acquire Cigna, Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush show his support for Uber, and PayPal complete its break from EBay.

With that in mind, here’s the top business news that can be helpful to you as you look for a new job.

1. Amazon’s impressive revenue numbers

Amazon investors are feeling great this week, after stocks rose some 20% on Friday morning after reports of surprisingly large profits for the tech company in Q2. Accompanying those large profits was news that over Q1 and Q2 of 2015, Amazon hired more people than at any other time in the company’s history.

The great news for job seekers is Amazon’s hiring spree doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon.

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2. Anthem and Cigna’s merger

The healthcare industry continued as the largest hiring industry in June, according to Simply Hired’s latest Employment Outlook, with 1/3 of the top hiring companies healthcare-related. The newly announced deal between these healthcare insurance giants should conclude in 2016 and, if approved, would leave only 3 big insurance companies in the US. Although that seems like news for the insurance industry, both companies also hire healthcare workers.

Job seekers in healthcare should monitor this news closely to see what impact it will have going forward on these two companies, their culture and hiring practices.

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3. PayPal completes break from EBay

Ever since PayPal announced it would split from its parent company EBay, the market has been eagerly awaiting the impending IPO. The waiting ended on Monday, leaving no one disappointed. The online payment service debuted with a market cap of $46.6 billion and at one point swelled to be worth over $50 billion. Look for PayPal to make more headlines through acquisitions and continued success in the stock market.

PayPal’s new position as an independent company is important for job seekers interested in working with the online payment pioneer. Keep an eye on the company as it develops its own unique company culture.

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