Top 5 Superhero Day Jobs Worth Fighting For

To support their time beating up bad guys on rooftops most every superhero has to have a day job. And much like their exploits in costume, their careers are super.

Consider Peter Parker. He pulls off working as a photographer, fighting crime as Spider-Man and dating Mary Jane Watson. When Clark Kent isn’t saving the planet from peril, he’s busy hitting deadlines at The Daily Planet. Matt Murdock, the Daredevil, is not only blind but also a crime-fighting public defender who mostly works pro bono.

When we think of our own careers and what we juggle in our lives, these superheroes should serve as inspiration. After all, the characters were given the jobs they have so they would be relatable. So we’d see ourselves in them. Every single parent, night school student and startup entrepreneur has more in common with these superheroes than they realize. For each of us, juggling various responsibilities is tough but essential to living a successful life.

Here are the superheroes with the best day jobs.

Iron Man


He’s fairly unique among superheroes in that Iron Man doesn’t really have a secret identity. Everyone knows that Tony Stark is Iron Man. But that doesn’t prevent Tony from holding down a day job. He heads up Stark Industries, something of a fictional Lockheed Martin, maker of aerospace, defense and technology products. Tony Stark’s day job is something like Genius, Billionaire, Playboy and Philanthropist, according to the first “Avengers” film, at least.

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man of steel

Sure, the Man of Steel, the Last Son of Krypton, is an alien with amazing, unearthly powers. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have to pay the bills. Although he spends his spare time flying around Metropolis and exploring outer space, during work hours Superman is a reporter in the newsroom of The Daily Planet. Reporter Clark Kent, Superman’s alter ego, would tell you his job is to protect individuals from injustice, which provides the perfect cover for Superman, because it puts him at the scene of various crises. It’s the perfect job for Superman, so long as he doesn’t get moved reporting to the Kardashian beat.

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The Flash


Although there have been a long list of different Flashes over the years, the most iconic is Barry Allen, the blond-haired crime scene forensic investigator. Allen became the Flash after being doused in chemicals and then struck by lightning. Where the tragedy could have killed Allen, it instead transformed him into the Scarlet Speedster, giving him the ability to run at an unbelievable rate. Even with his gift of super speed Allen maintains his job with the Central City PD. The job affords him the opportunity to be at crime scenes and lets him stay up-to-date on city events. Much like Superman, his job gives him the chance to be close to action and then slip away, don his superhero costume and save the day.

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Peter Parker, Spider-Man, has long served as a photographer for The Daily Bugle. Because he is Spider-Man, he’s always had the unique opportunity to snap photos of himself dressed as Spider-Man and then sell those pictures to the Bugle. Of course, this has mainly worked as a way to makes ends meet and assist his Aunt May with her expenses. Again, like Superman, Spider-Man has found that working in journalism gives him the opportunity to be close to danger and not questioned for his intentions. But, like Superman, when danger strikes, you’ll hear someone ask, “Where did Peter go?”

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Matt Murdock, the Daredevil, is a unique hero for a variety of reasons, most notably, his profession. Murdock is a lawyer who happens to be blind. On the insistence of his father, Jonathan “Battling Jack” Murdock, Matt devoted his energy as a youth to school. Although a freak accident would claim Murdock’s sight and enhance his other senses to superhuman levels, he still got the best education available, earning degrees in law from both Harvard and Columbia. As a lawyer, Murdock has devoted his life to defending the underrepresented – the people who seek justice but rarely get it. When he can’t save the day in the courtroom, he turns to the rooftops, where he’s the Daredevil – The Man without Fear.

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