Top 5 Skills Mayo Clinic Looks for When Hiring Nurses

As projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for registered nurses is predicted to increase about 19 percent between the years 2012 to 2022. That being said, it is important to consider what specific talents and abilities health care recruiters look for in a nurse when landing one of those coveted, new positions.

Mayo Clinic is the “largest not-for-profit medical group practice in the world,” and it employs 3,800 physicians and scientists, along with 50,900 allied health staff. Among these workers are 8,200 nurses, who work in all three of its locations: Rochester, Minnesota; Jacksonville, Florida; and Scottsdale/Phoenix, Arizona, as well as at the Mayo Clinic Health System (MCHS).

Fittingly, we asked Adriana Semko, an expert nurse recruiter at Mayo Clinic, “What are the top five skills the Mayo Clinic looks for when hiring a nurse?” Here are the five qualities that Semko outlined for us.

1.    Passion for nursing and a desire to care for people is a top priority for nurses at Mayo Clinic. We are here to honor our primary value, which is, “The needs of the patient come first.”

We’re looking for candidates that share similar values and can provide examples of how they unremittingly placed patients first. These instances exemplify that nursing is more than just a career to them.

2.    Teamwork is also crucial. Teamwork prevails from the moment a shift starts, as it is important to be on time to relieve the nurse before you.  We’re looking for someone who excels and adds value within a team-based approach.  It’s expected for nurses to support each other, share expertise and identify what’s best for the patient together, using a shared decision-making model.

Our nurses are strongly encouraged to participate on various committees and councils for best practices and research.  We use behavioral-based interviewing as well as situational questions to identify this quality.

3.    Professionalism is essential to make the patient feel comfortable.  We serve many international patients, so they have various backgrounds and beliefs. We strive to be considerate and respectful by communicating and “dressing” in a professional manner.

We look for this quality during our first connections, or interactions, with the applicants. Beginning with their resume and lasting throughout the hiring process, which may include multi-disciplinary panel interviews.

4.    Education is one of Mayo Clinic’s founding principles and we wouldn’t be who we are today without it.  As a teaching hospital, we pride ourselves on working differently while using state of the art technology. Nurses who are willing to learn and be open-minded are a tremendous part of our success.

Recognizing what level of participation applicants have had in previous roles is helpful in knowing where their interests lie and how that might match with our organization.

5.    Mentoring is important to build the type of teamwork that supports the Mayo Clinic Model of Care. We expect the more experienced staff to coach and mentor those around them in a respectful way.  We have various opportunities for nurses to participate, which include everything from presenting new hires to mentoring new graduate nurses.

Through discussions with the applicant about past situations when he or she was mentored or coached, positive or negative experiences are revealed. This information can be used when determining and assessing future mentoring situations.

Mayo Clinic’s logo is made up of three shields that overlap each other in unity. These represent its “main activities,” which are: patient care, education and research. Integrating each quality into its emblematic symbol shows that nurses who possess the above qualities are sure to be a great fit with this health care organization.

From its humble beginnings as an outstanding medical practice founded by Doctor William Worrall Mayo in 1863, Mayo Clinic has expanded into one of the largest employers of health care professionals in the United States. When applying to open positions at the Mayo Clinic, or preparing for an interview, consider their expertise and advice, as these fundamental skills are required in many nursing roles.