Top 10 Growing Jobs in the Next 10 Years

It seems as if everywhere you turn nowadays, talking heads are dishing the latest and greatest when it comes to economic growth.  For many of you in the workforce or looking to make a career change, this is all fine and dandy, but it can be difficult to see the immediate impact these news snippets might have on your individual job prospects.  

As always, Simply Hired is coming to the rescue to help break down exactly what the changes in the way our economy produces mean to your ability to apply for and score the job of your dreams.  The world is a changing, and along with it how workers fit into the production machine. With that in mind, here we present a list of the top ten growing jobs in the next ten years to help you get a leg up on the latest hiring and growth trends.

Biomedical Engineer:

Along with advances in medicine and science, workers will be needed to help implement innovations and changes.  With companies big and small increasing their investment in this field, as a biomedical engineer you’re sure to see career stability along with the ability to help break new ground in treating complex illness and disease.

Biomedical engineer jobs

Home Health Aide:

As populations grow it’s only natural that a larger aging population will change the way we think about medicine and health.  Many retirees maintain plenty of independence nowadays which means companies must rethink the way we provide long-term support.  Home health aides are poised to be in demand for years to come. Want to feel like you’re giving back to the community, doing a service while earning a paycheck?  A career as a home health aide may be in the cards for you.

Home health aide jobs

Personal Care Aide:

Not quite sure whether the medical aspect of a home health aide is right for you?  Those choosing to reside in their own homes need plenty of assistance beyond health-related tasks.  Help the elderly, injured or sick maintain their independence without a medical degree by choosing a career as a personal care aide.

Personal care aide jobs

Telecommunications Network Engineer:

Remember the days when a cell phone in your car was a novelty?  The world is increasingly connected and telecommunications providers are constantly growing to accommodate a host of advancements in mobile device usage.  If you’re a total nerd when it comes to connectivity, a career as a telecommunications network engineer will let you keep on top of the latest advancements in the field.

Telecommunications network engineer jobs

Physical Therapist:

It’s an accepted fact that healthcare costs are one of the largest concerns facing both employers and individual employees in coming years.  One of the useful, and ethical, ways to cut costs in this department is to provide more useful and less expensive care to individuals who have suffered an injury.  From sports to on the job accidents, physical therapists help to get people back on their feet and positions in this field will be increasingly in demand over the next ten years.

Physical therapist jobs

Employment Recruiter:

If you’ve spent any time on the job market in the last few years you know that the recruitment game has experienced big changes.  Gone are the days when employees would frantically call up a recruiter to attempt to find any old open position. Employers are in need of quality talent and they don’t want to sift through hundreds of resumes to find it.  Count on recruiters to play an increasingly large role in matching candidates to open positions in the coming years.

Employment recruiter jobs

Registered Nurse:

Remember how we mentioned previously that healthcare is an ever-changing industry?  With those changes and an aging population, come a greater demanding for nursing care to help support doctors, hospitals and other care providers.  An RN is the backbone of any medical practice. Enter this field if you’re looking for a solid guaranteed career in the future.

Registered nurse jobs

Physician Assistant:

Much like physical therapists, nurses and home care providers, physician assistants are expected to grow in demand by around 39 percent in the next 10 years.  This means that those looking for an intermediary position between doctor and nurse may want to research a career as a PA if job security is a concern.

Physician assistant jobs

Software Architect:

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last oh, say 20 years, you probably realize that software and technology development is here to stay.  With gadgets getting yearly, clockwork-like updates, software needs to stay on par in order to keep up with consumer demands for the latest and greatest.  As a software engineer, you’ll be on the front lines of bringing innovation through technology to the masses, and you’ll be guaranteed job stability, which is always a bonus.

Software architect jobs

Athletic Trainer:

Last but not least on our list of the top ten jobs that will experience growth over the next ten years, athletic trainers will only increase in demand as us mere mortals seek to improve our health and physical fitness.  Employers, health care providers and more are increasingly offering incentives for individuals to get out and get fit. Get in on this trend by becoming an athletic trainer and see your career prospects soar.

Athletic trainer jobs

Article Updated from the Original on September 23, 2018