How to Succeed In A Work From Home Job

Remote work is much more common today than it was even a few years ago. Although it has caught on with many, it can be a challenge. Human beings are social animals, so the lack of interactions with colleagues in the workplace can be a difficult adjustment for some to make. Staying motivated and productive can also be obstacles. Still, working from home can still be a rewarding experience. Here are a few ways you can make sure you’re successful and thrive in your stay-at-home job.  

Get ready for work

When you have an office job you have to get ready to go to work. Although it may seem irrelevant, taking a shower, brushing your teeth and getting dressed are important parts of a professional’s day. These acts get you into the mindset to be ready to work.

When you’re working remote there may be a temptation to just roll out of bed and start working in your pajamas. Although at first it’s not a big deal, after a few days of this routine, your days will start bleeding into one another, and eventually you’ll get burned out. To avoid this pitfall, make it your business to get up early, get ready and dressed for your workday and eat a breakfast. This will ensure you have a defined work week and stay in the workday mind set during business hours.

Get up and move around

Just like in an office you must make a point to get up and move around during your day. Since you’re in the comforts of home it’s easy to lose track of time and work through the day. But over time this can become a drag. So set aside a few minutes each hour or so to stand up, stretch your legs and give your eyes a break from the computer screen. While this is easy to remember to do in the office, with lunchtime and meetings, at home it can be a bit more challenging. But make it part of your daily routine, and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Eat well

Depending on how you stock your house with food, eating well isn’t always easy when you’re working from home. Especially if you don’t keep a lot of food in the house. You may find yourself taking advantage of food delivery apps on your smartphone and adding a work-from-home-15-pounds.

Rather than using your time at home to turn into a full-fledged couch potato, make a point to stock your house with some healthy snacks, breakfasts and lunches. Also, try to include some exercise in each day, whether before or after work. This will help keep yourself energized and in good spirits. Not to mention there are a few health benefits!

Designated a workspace

As attractive as it may be, when working remote you just can’t work from the couch. You’ll grow distracted, unproductive, or worse, fall asleep. So make a point to designate a workspace where you can get things done. Your space should have good lighting, a comfortable chair and the usual office accoutrements such as a phone, printer and so forth. Reserve your space just for work, so when you enter it you subconsciously shift into work mode. This may sound a bit silly, but truth is, while you’re working from home, if you have this set up it will make it easier to stay on task and be productive. Plus it will be easier for you to unplug at night.

Establish boundaries

One of the biggest dangers of working from home, aside from being unproductive and distracted, is always working. When you’re not in an office it’s hard for coworkers to know when you’re on the clock or off. So they’ll reach out with requests at all times unless you tell them otherwise. So make a point to establish your schedule early on and notify coworkers. Don’t answer email all hours of the night, and don’t be perpetually working. Instead set the times that you’re going to be working, and during those times, be accessible. By having a quick response time, your colleagues will know they can depend on you when you’re working.