Simply Hired Reports Strong Job Growth in May 2016

Today Simply Hired releases its monthly U.S. Employment Outlook for May 2016. The report analyzes our comprehensive index of millions of online job listings in every occupation to provide detailed insight into national and local job trends.

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“Simply Hired data shows strong job growth in May 2016,” says Simply Hired President and CEO James Beriker. “The data also reveals an interesting perspective on the race to be the next Silicon Valley as technology jobs migrate away from common hubs like San Francisco Bay area and New York and toward unlikely upstarts like Washington, D.C., and Minneapolis.”

Here’s a look at how the month of May compared to the rest of 2016:

Job openings increase nationwide.

According to the latest findings, nationwide job listings increased in May 2016 with 5.07% month-over-month growth. This is a significant increase over the previous two months; we reported 2.66% month-over-month growth for March 2016 and 1.46% growth for April 2016.

All states and major metros post gains.

Job listings increased in all 50 states in May 2016. The largest gains were reported in Arkansas (124.44%), West Virginia (60.97%), New Mexico (49.26%), Wyoming ($48.81%), and Oregon (43.07%).

Job listings also increased in many of the Top 25 largest U.S. metros in May 2016. The metros with the largest gains include Raleigh-Durham (8.72%), Minneapolis-St.Paul (8.41%), Seattle-Tacoma (8.36%), Charlotte (7.55%), and Baltimore (7.55%).

Tech jobs swing outside Silicon Valley.

For the May 2016 Employment Index, we also analyzed current technology job openings as a proportion of total job openings by region. The result is a list of the top 20 U.S. metropolitans with the highest percentage of tech jobs. We then compared the number of tech jobs in May to those in January 2016 to gauge growth activity to find that while Silicon Valley, i.e., the San Francisco Bay Area, continues to experience strong growth (1.24%), more significant surges are happening in other regions, such as Minneapolis (8.57%), Washington, D.C. (7.83%), and Seattle-Tacoma (5.14%).

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May’s Employment Outlook is great news for employers and job seekers alike and indicates an upward trajectory in jobs posted online for 2016.