Spread Holiday Cheer Year-Round With These Non-Profit Jobs

In the words of author Ben Carson, “Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but what we give.” Perhaps the holiday season is so happy because it has become the giving season for so many.  Charities and non-profits rely on the holidays to bring in much-needed funds and volunteers to continue their good works.

Interested in joining a philanthropic organization? Below is a list of non-profit and volunteer jobs where you can spread the holiday cheer year-round.


Do you love the smiling faces of children as they gather around the Christmas tree? Imagine seeing those same upturned faces looking up to you for every day. Each time they step into a classroom, teachers have the unique opportunity to directly impact the futures of children through education, guidance and support. Non-profits such as Teach For America and City Year even give you the chance to teach in classrooms before becoming licensed teachers by letting you commit to a year or two of work in underprivileged areas. You can leave with that warm holiday giving feeling every day.

Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer coordinators are the people standing behind the table with the clipboard at the blood drive or canned food drive keeping volunteers engaged, working and happy. They are surrounded by chaos and somehow manage to stay calm and collected in the eye of the storm.  What better way to make a difference than to work to ensure that those donating their time and energy to a good cause are fully utilized? Volunteer coordinators are in high demand and almost every non-profit or charity has a need for them including the Boys & Girls Club of America, The Red Cross of America, as well as large hospitals and healthcare organizations.


That instant feeling of good cheer that you have when you drop a coin in the sidewalk Santa’s bucket can be yours all year long by becoming a fundraiser. Without donations none of the non-profits that make such a difference in our lives could do their good works. In fundraising you’ll have the opportunity to cultivate communication skills while simultaneously knowing that your sales skills are forwarding a good cause. Pick a cause that is meaningful to you, whether it’s Susan G. Komen or Greenpeace and start fundraising. You’ll be giving 12 months a year.

Social worker

Making people smile during the holiday season always feels wonderful, but imagine if you could not only make them smile but also help them cope with emotional and mental issues. To become a clinical social worker, you’ll need to get a masters degree and become licensed in the state you practice in. You will have the opportunity to work with many different people and in many different settings including child welfare and human service agencies, hospitals and even school.

Volunteer Firefighter

Have you ever accidentally set something on fire over the holidays? Well, if you haven’t, many have. Over 250 fires begin each year with Christmas trees.  Fires happen all year long, and many communities have a great need. By becoming a volunteer firefighter you can maintain your day job while training with the National Fire Protection Association outside of work. This is a great way to add to your life without uprooting your day job.

If you enjoy giving back to your community and love the giving spirit that seems to dominate during this festive season, try these jobs and keep the holiday spirit alive  all year long.