Could Your Sports Enthusiasm Net You $75K?

Were you the star quarterback in high school? Did you play sports at the collegiate level? Or are you just a health nut who enjoys keeping your body in tip-top shape?  

If the thought of sitting at a desk all day scares you, these jobs will get you on your feet and moving. They range from working out in the field to medical facilities and all have varying work schedules.

Athletic Trainer

Athletic trainers work with physicians to provide prevention care, diagnosis and rehabilitation of sport injuries. To become a certified athletic trainer, one must obtain attain a bachelor’s degree from an accredited athletic training program. Most athletic trainers work at colleges or universities, physician’s offices of professional sports teams or specialized medical facilities.

Average salary: $50,000/year

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Basketball Coach

Besides an extensive knowledge of basketball, coaches need patience, excellent communication skills, and in most cases, a bachelor’s degree. From a job posting for a Head Women’s Basketball Coach, one of the responsibilities is “the oversight and monitoring of academic progress of student-athletes and serve as an integral part of achieving fundraising, budget and community service goals.” Basketball coaches work irregular hours in the evenings and weekends, travel often and mostly work for high schools, colleges or professional sports teams.

Average salary: $28,000/year

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Strength and Conditioning Coach

Strength and conditioning coaches develop programs for athletes to improve their strength and performance on the field. A bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science / Kinesiology and a current accredited National Training Certification is needed. Strength and conditioning coaches mostly work for colleges and professional sports teams, but some open up their own facilities and teach athletes ranging from amateur to professional.

Average salary: $30,000/year

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Personal Trainer

If you enjoy handling different challenges in your work, a personal trainer works with all types of people with ever-changing fitness and health goals. They create workout and nutrition plans that set up their clients to reach their goals. Personal trainers should hold an accredited National Training Certification. Where they work also varies. From a personal trainer posting, a personal trainer will “bring the gym to the convenience of clients’ homes, garages, parks, etc.”

Average salary:  $31,000/year

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Athletic Director

Athletic directors are considered education administrators, and their main responsibility is the development of the athletics program at schools. They usually work full-time in colleges, universities, community colleges and high schools. A bachelor’s degree is usually required, but sometimes a master’s degree or Ph.D. are part of the requirements.

Average salary: $75,000/year

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