See the World: 10 Jobs for People Who Love to Travel

Upon graduation I happily accepted my first offer for a full-time job as a store manager for a global retailer. Normally a retail job isn’t considered glamorous, but I was thrilled about the job offer because it gave me the opportunity to relocate to a new city after graduation and to travel and work abroad. And travel I did. This LA girl went to San Francisco to open a store and then to Tokyo for management training. The job didn’t last long, but I treasured the time I worked there because of the new experiences abroad.

If you also have a love for travel, here are 10 jobs that will allow you explore:

News Reporter

As a news reporter you go where the story is. In order to create a credible and compelling report, you need to gather information through interviews, observation and research, which can require travelling. Your travels will depend on what kind of assignments and leads you get and can range from local to national to international. This is a good career for people with strong verbal and written communication skills who can meet tight and changing deadlines and who like to think creatively. A bachelor’s degree in a communication or media field is best suited for this job.

Retail Buyer

In order for stores to sell new and exciting merchandise each season, the retail buyer must put together a collection of products. Finding the right products and planning for coming seasons requires traveling to trade fairs and showrooms. The trade fairs are often held overseas or interstate. A willingness to travel for days at a time is a must. Those with sharp analytical skills who are adept at planning and can negotiate well are best suited for this occupation.

Event Planner

Event planner job responsibilities can vary from planning conferences to conventions to non-profit functions. Event planners need to be at the event site to make sure the experience is smooth for the attendees. If you enjoy coordinating with others, planning and have attention to detail, then you can excel as an event planner.

Airline Pilot

If you like flying, working for an airline is a great option for those with wanderlust. Fly from city to city, or country to country, as an airline pilot. In addition to the appropriate training and education, you’ll need problem-solving and decision-making skills. A potential benefit of being an airline pilot is getting discounted or free flights and accommodations for you and your family.

Public Speaker

Whether you want to be an event speaker, public relations manager or technology evangelist, you’ll need two things: a knack for storytelling and the ability to travel for work. In any public speaking role, you must present speeches in-person to people in various locations and venues, which can vary from small seminars to national conferences. If you have a passion for what you are talking about and like traveling, you can kill two birds with one stone in this role.


Many might think this is a mundane, number-crunching job, but the truth is that auditors have the pleasure of traveling for work. Auditors need to visit the offices where they perform audits, which allows them to add a dash of excitement to their job responsibilities. Unlike some other travel occupations, as an auditor you likely won’t spend an extended amount of time in a foreign place, which allows you to maintain a regular lifestyle.

Travel Nurse

Travel nurses journey nationwide to provide patient care to hospitals where there are nurse shortages. Assignments tend to be temporary, short-term contracts, and they usually require nurses to have a minimum of 18 months of clinical experience. Travel nursing provides a unique work experience, where nurses are able to work in a variety of environments. If you are flexible, can quickly adjust to new settings and are open to learning new skills and meeting new people, this can be an excellent option.

Peace Corps

Along the same lines, you can travel while creating a positive influence on the world. The Peace Corps offers the chance to do charitable work abroad, particularly in less developed nations. As a volunteer for the Peace Corps, you become a global citizen and tackle problems all over the world. Many who enter the Peace Corps reflect back on it as a life-changing experience.


This is a considered an archetype of a travel occupation. The life of a consultant is nomadic. You live and work where your project is. And your work can take you anywhere. If you have clients all over the country, you may be placed in a different metro area every few months. Consulting provides a fast-paced and dynamic professional experience. You’ll need business acumen, problem solving and critical thinking skills.


Archaeologists who do work in the field have the have the opportunity to travel to lesser-known places where ancient artifacts can be found. If you love history and have a sense of adventure, this job will allow you to explore both the ancient past and a new location at the same time. Archaeologists are required to spend a lot of time on excavation sites, often in foreign countries. It helps if you speak multiple languages or can easily pick up a foreign language.