Fun and Flexible Retirement Jobs Now Hiring

After years of juggling your career with your other obligations, interests and passions, it’s time to change the focus of your day-to-day and truly embrace retirement. The problem is that nothing quite prepared you for this. How do you adjust to a calm and quiet lifestyle, plus that wide open calendar, when you are accustomed to being on the go all day?

You want a job that gives you the rewards of work: a chance to meet new people, earn some spending money and get the satisfaction of a day spend productively. But you don’t want a stressful job. You’ve graduated from that.

Now it’s time for a fun and flexible gig, like these:

Marina Dock Assistant:

Average Full Time Salary: $16,000

Work outside near the water facilitating the rental of boats and other marine recreational vehicles. In addition to working with the public, professionals in these jobs usually help maintain the inventory and the facilities. Marina jobs are at their busiest during the tourist seasons and on weekends and holidays. In some regions they are only available during limited times of the year.

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Gym Staff:

Average Full Time Salary: $57,000

There are a range of positions that fall under this category, from assisting members checking in for their workouts to helping to keep the facilities in tip top shape. There’s always a need for help in commercial gyms and non-profit community wellness organizations. Some niche areas may include working in the babysitting room or helping to prepare facilities for classes. These are vibrant and exciting work environments that may prove perfect for your new career.  

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Library Assistant:

Average Full Time Salary: $38,000

The library is both a bustling cultural meeting place and an oasis that invites researching, reading and learning. Libraries offer a range of programs to entice infants, toddlers, teenagers, adults and older patrons. There are a host of ways to apply your skills, from working the circulation desk to reading books to children. There’s never a dull moment in the library.

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Tour Guide

Average Full Time Salary: $40,000

Wineries, breweries, ski slopes, museums, farms and factories all need compelling speakers to keep their visitors engaged while they learn about the facilities. If you have the gift of gab and you love working with the public, this may be just the right role for you.

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Average Full Time Salary: $16,000

Learn the tricks to brewing all those enticing beverages that for years you’ve  sipped with colleagues, customers and friends. It’s fun to be on the other side of the counter and work a job that’s fast-paced and social.   

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