From Partier to Planner: Jobs to Consider Besides Event Planner

Do you have a knack for hosting parties and decorating for themed events? You might have considered a career as an independent large event coordinator or party planner. Here’s a deeper look at this dream job to see if its reality can meet your fantasy:

Large Event Planner, The Job Description Of Your Dreams

The modern large event planner’s to do list reads like a diary entry for a middle school girl’s fantasy: coordinate a delicious and elaborate meal for hundreds of stylish people, hire creative artists for large outlandish centerpieces, and then mingle with celebrities to snap some selfies.

Thinking big, your mind goes straight to brands such as the Emmys, VMAs and LinkedIn’s annual Christmas party. Your budget is more or less unlimited and you have the freedom to implement your vision exactly how you see it in your head. Your projects start with creativity and end with getting paid big bucks. What could go wrong?

Large Event Planner, The Job Description In Real Life

In reality, a very select group of people get tapped to coordinate the large entertainment events listed above. In fact, those events are more like crowning achievements than everyday events, and even then your work is only beginning when you land the deal.

It starts with the budget. Even with a large one, you still need to account for every purchase and employee, driving down costs when possible so that you can justify the overall price tag to your client. When you’re in charge, you’re coordinating everything from finding and ordering the centerpieces to hiring and managing the caterers, table servers, and hostesses. That’s on top of coordinating the venue, logistics for the guests, and the timing of the event.

Stress wise, running large events for a living is like planning a wedding two or three times per month, if not more. There are many creative and luxurious steps in the process, but it can very quickly overwhelm you. Your schedule is also at the mercy of anything that goes wrong with the event’s many moving pieces. When the entertainment backs out or is late, if caterers are understaffed, or if a last-minute high-profile guest shows up, it falls on you to make it work.

What To Do Instead of Being a Large Event Planner:

Are your dreams of being the creative host dashed? Not at all. Large event planning is a true calling for those with the unique skill set and personality traits to embrace these challenges. If that doesn’t describe you, there are several careers that allow you to tap into your taste, show off your style and help people have a good time.

Here are five alternatives to independent large event planning that might satiate your desire to entertain guests with beautiful food and decor without the overwhelming stresses that come from running your own business:

Large event planners work hard for years before finding a big break. If you’re interested in making this dream job a reality, consider trying out a few more related yet traditional options before taking the plunge.