Five Simple and Inexpensive Office Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is a blast–the treats, the costumes, the thrill of indulging our curiosity for all things macabre. But every year I see some costumes and decorations that go too far–the maggots, rats, severed heads on meathooks.

We all have our Halloween turn-offs. When it comes to your office get-up and decor, try to keep it light and fun. If your office has a costume party, here are some cheap and easy ways you can get into the spirit:

Peanutize yourself

peanuts costumes

It’s all the rage on social media and finding the right costume and accessories is pretty simple. A yellow shirt with a black zigzag, a blue dress and headband, red and black shirt and a blue blankie–if you don’t have these these articles lying around your house you can find them at any thrift store.

Nerd it up

Work is a great place to get your nerd on, so go ahead and channel your favorite historical or literary character. The funny “Drunk History” TV show has confirmed our suspicions that (even when intoxicated) nerds are cool, and history is awesome. So bring on your Amelia Earhart, Mark Twain, Langston Hughes or Lady Bird Johnson.

Historical costumes are all about the props. You can find some good basics at your local vintage shop and then put your energy into making your props and learning some fun facts about your character.          

Use the force


Star Wars characters never go out of style, and with the countdown on to the new film, everyone’s excited.  

While you may not want to go full wookie or ewok in the office (unless you have the wherewithal to remain productive while costumed as such), there’s a lot you can do to invoke the force.

You can find great Star Wars costumes for the core characters at any Halloween shop. You can also make your own costume to channel more obscure characters like Lobot, Shmi Skywalker or Admiral Motti. There is plenty to work with using this theme.

Go classic

If you are not a Halloween enthusiast, but you want to show your team spirit, good for you. That’s an applaudable reason to move outside your comfort zone.

You are not doing this to draw a lot of attention to your costume, so stick with a comfortable and classic look. Go as a witch, pirate, cat or vampire.   

Team up

mulder and scully

A group look always has a great appeal, and it’s a lot of fun. Consider these pair and group costumes:  

The haunting sisters from Stephen King’s thriller The Shining–get a couple baby blue dresses, white knee highs and black Mary Janes. Then practice walking and delivering your chilling line in unison: “Come play with us Danny…”   

Mulder and Scully from the X Files–grab a ginger wig, FBI badges and trench coats. You are ready to hunt down the truth. It’s out there…

The Cantina Band from Star Wars–if you have instruments, you are halfway there. There are a lot of online resources for making or buying the masks and then dress uniformly in black. This may be hard to pull together, but if your team is comprised of musicians and Star Wars fans, the end result could be truly awesome.  

Happy Halloween!