The Nine Most Useful College Degrees Today

In your college career you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to the focus of your educational pursuits.  From writing to psychology to mathematics, the degree fields are seemingly endless.  While some major areas of focus can be a bit…quirky (animal communication anyone), it turns out others are exceptionally rewarding when it comes to landing a steady job and a rewarding career.  So, which degrees top the charts when it comes to versatility, monetary compensation and overall usefulness?  Keep reading to find out.

1. Degree in Accounting

As the old saying goes, the only things certain in life are death and taxes.  In today’s modern economic times, that saying could be expanded to include all things financial and investment related in nature.  Enter the accountant.  With a sophisticated knowledge of cash flow, financial books and various methods of tracking capital, accountants nowadays do much more than put a stamp on a yearly tax return.  The profession has tons of job security and is well compensated by business owners and managers from companies both large and small.

Accounting jobs

2. The Marketing Degree

As long as there is capitalism and polite society there will be a need for products for people to buy and consume.  This inevitable cycle of use, combined with a health dose of competition as exists in a free market society, naturally leads to the need for quality promotion and marketing.  With a marketing degree you will help design campaigns that establish trends and generate business, all while earning a decent paycheck.

Marketing jobs

3.Business Administration

For every company, corporation or establishment there is a need for support staff.  As a business administrator, its your job to make sure the overall functions of a company run smoothly on a day in, say out basis.  If you like having your fingers in all the pies or being the oil that greases the cogs of progress, business administration may be good choice for a stable and lucrative job and degree field.

Business administration jobs

4. Degree in Computer Engineering

While your mom and dad may have thought they were a fad, the last several decades have proven that computers and high tech are here to stay.  What better way to take advantage of an always expanding field then with a degree in computer engineering.  Whether designing programs to help children learn or helping to build tomorrow’s latest gadget, a degree in computer engineering can open numerous doors.  And the pay ain’t too shabby, either.

Computer engineering jobs

5. Degree in the Education Field

An education degree is a bit of a misnomer as becoming a teacher typically requires a degree in an underlying field of study and then a separate teaching certificate.  Some people who have further interest in how people learn do go on to attain their masters of education as well.  From kindergartners to college students, teaching the next generation hot to grow, learn and prosper is certainly a rewarding task.  It’s also a field that has plenty of job security.

Education jobs

6. Degree in Criminal Justice

Do you like the idea of protecting and serving your local community?  Want to make a difference in the lives of those you interact with?  Maybe you enjoy ensuring other’s safety and comfort.  If so, a degree in criminal justice may be just the thing for you.  Public police forces are just the tip fo the iceberg.  Major corporations are increasingly employing their own qualified security force.  Freelance companies are also popping up, providing security services to concerts, large gatherings, high profile individuals and more.  A much needed and desired degree subject.

Criminal justice jobs

7. Earn a Computer Science Degree

Going hand in hand with the computer engineers building the newest and greatest in tech, a computer science degree will have you ready to program and code, integrating modern systems and implementing software on a company or project wide basis.  Knowing the language of computers is certainly a valuable skill to have in today’s modern world.  Good thing that top positions pay well also.  

Computer science jobs

8. Spread the News with a Degree in Journalism

In an increasingly connected world, it’s often the journalists who are on the front lines acting as a beacon of truth and illuminating facts and circumstances.  From fighting injustice by exposing corruption to keeping people informed about the workings of their government, being a journalist is fulfilling and beneficial to society as a whole.  A degree in journalism will also help teach you to express your thoughts or recount a situation in an efficient and professional way.  Useful skills to have, whether in print or on air.

Journalism jobs

9. The Finance Degree

While the economic downturn may have put a temporary damper on the world of finance, the subsequent years have brought an increased fervor in capital raising, business expansion and opportunistic mergers or acquisitions.  With a finance degree, you will have our fingers on the pulse of the nation’s monetary system.  Help raise money to buy that complementary product line or company or help develop lending policies for mortgages or other consumer loans.  As long as people need money to invest in assets, a finance degree will continue to be a hot commodity.

Finance jobs

The Final Word on Degrees

Whichever education route you take, remember that choosing a degree isnt always just about the money.  Be sure you find personal contentment, along with lucrative financial potential.  As the old saying goes, enjoy your jon and youll never work a day in your life.

Meghan Ivarsson is a writer for Scholar Advisor, an education portal for students.

This Post was updated on July 18, 2017