New Grads: How to Succeed in Your New Job

So you’ve donned the cap, gown, tassels and mandatory accouterments  You’ve survived numerous finals, listened to more speeches about your future and making a difference than you can count.  You finally have that degree in hand and are ready to conquer the world. Well not so fast…

It turns out that the transition from schoolroom to officespace is often one of the most difficult transitions graduates face when entering the workforce.  From smaller, daily challenges such as “where is the bathroom” to navigating the more formal hierarchies that are necessarily found in the management structure of corporate America, recent grads get little to no coaching in what to do after they’ve landed their first out-of-school gig.  If this sounds familiar, or if you just want a head start on knowing what’s what in the workplace, you’re in luck. We’ve got tips for new grads in how to succeed in your new job, below.

  1. Creating a 30/60/90 Day Game Plan

One of the most important pieces of advice to give to new grads just entering the workforce is to develop a game plan for what you’d like to accomplish in your first 30, 60 and 90 days in the office.  Setting goals is mission critical for helping to both advance your career and to help you personally stay on task. This advice applies no matter the job title or size. At each milestone, be sure to check up on yourself for accountability and to ensure you’re well established to achieve success with your game plan.

  1. Asking Your Boss, “How can we best work together?”

Having regular check in’s with your boss, manager or other person you report to in your position provides multiple benefits.  First, you’ll be better able to understand the expectations and goals your manager may have for your position. In addition, you’ll create a positive reputation as a go-getter and someone who is proactive and is focused on the health of the company as well as their own development.

  1. Ask and Learn Key Information About the Company

What separates good from great employees is a desire to always keep learning about your company’s process, business model and long term plans.  New grads will benefit greatly from keeping their eyes and ears open. Volunteer to take on projects that require working with other departments or individuals with different specialties.  Ask for more responsibility and research the company early and often to become familiar with the ebb and flow of business. Do this and before you know it you’ll be earning that promotion along with valuable experience.

As a closing note, new grads should know that success in their new position may take many different forms.  Not all employers will have a formal onboarding process and making progress in your new position may have hurdles along the way.  Continue moving forward and showing growth and don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed. Finally, as you move along and gain experience, remember that you were once a new grad also.  Help your fellow newbies along or act as a mentor to more junior employees in order to give back and develop valuable managerial experience along the way.

Article Updated from the Original on April 5, 2018