Most Admired Professions

As the old saying goes, when you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. The sage advice is all well and good, but for those starting out along the career-choosing path, it can be difficult to pick a specific field that’s guaranteed to create a case of warm and fuzzies.  

A great place to start when choosing a job or career that guarantees lifelong happiness are those professions that seem to garner a higher level of admiration and respect among your peers.  Everyone loves to be appreciated, after all, so it only makes sense that admired professions would be desirable and potentially more fulfilling for those practicing within them.  With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most admired professions.  Peruse our selections and potentially kickstart your journey along the road to career happiness.


Ranking highly in most annual surveys of fields that garner instant respect, a career in the military certainly will lead towards admiration in addition to certain bonus perks.  Military service can often lead to free or reduced cost higher education, lower mortgage rates when you eventually buy a home and an increased interest by civilian employers who appreciate your service and skills once you’ve left active duty.  Salaries of active duty military servicemembers will range depending on duties, rank and combat designation.  In addition to the regular pay, you’ll pick up valuable skills and experiences unavailable to the majority of civilians.  


Few professions have as great an impact on the future of our society and culture than the teachers who help instruct and mold young minds.  While the importance of those who choose the path of instruction has never gone unappreciated, in recent years teachers have also inched upwards on the list of most admired professions.  Median salaries will range depending on public or private institutions, grade level, and specialty, but starting out you can expect to earn $45,000 – $53,000 per year.  All teacher positions require at least an associate’s degree and come with pretty hefty background check requirements.  Jump through these simple hoops and you can expect to join the ranks of those instructing future generations.

A Career in Medicine

It will probably come as no surprise that those in the habit of helping people get and stay healthy also rank up there on lists of the most admired professions.  Doctors, nurses and other medical support staff make up the bulk of our general category of a career in medical fields.  If you’re looking to jump right into the thick of things, qualifying as a practicing doctor will take you 7 or more years of post-secondary education along with a host of certifications, exams, and residency requirements.  The payoff on all that investment is a starting salary just north of $160k.  Nursing school has less stringent requirements but will be equally as fulfilling for someone looking for a career in aiding others.  Salaries for nurses start at around $50k but can go much higher depending on experience and specialized positions.


Sure, having a career wearing a white lab coat may not jump to the top of your list of rockstar jobs, but it turns out that working as a scientist is on the rise for lists of the most prestigious positions.  Scientists play a large part in developing new technologies, researching medical and engineering problems and generally delving into the mysteries of our everyday world.  Depending on your area of expertise, becoming a scientist requires at least an advanced degree in math, science or a related field, in addition to many hours spent interning and learning practical skills from your peers.  The payoff for all that hard work?  Starting salaries come in just north of $75k, with that number increasing rapidly for specialized fields.  


While you may have heard of engineers as a job title, you may be confused as to the fields this diverse position can cover.  From software development and roll out to design and construction of buildings, bridges, infrastructure projects and more, engineers are the individuals that keep the heart of commerce and development progressing. With a wide array of responsibilities and individual specialties, starting and median salaries can vary wildly, with entry-level positions averaging around $50k and higher advanced roles topping out around $150 – 175k.  While this may seem a large range, the flexibility of the position allows for people with diverse backgrounds to work in the field.  No matter your calling, you will more than likely find an engineering position that suits your skills and abilities.

If your desired profession didn’t make our list of most admired jobs, never fear.  There are countless career fields that people admire and only a limited amount of blog space.  Focus on being innovative and helpful and strive for excellence in your career path and prestige is sure to follow.

Article Updated from the Original on December 14, 2018