If You Love the Earth AND the Economy, Portland Has a Job for You

Portland, a green city of 2.2 million people, is easily one of the most eco-friendly cities in America. While Portland’s carbon footprint is decreasing, its prosperity is rising. According to The Atlantic, “Over 18 percent of its metropolitan gross product comes from exports, the third-highest export intensity in the United States among the top 100 metros and the second-fastest-growing export market among the major metros.”  Portland is now becoming a modern-day trading post. If you’re not sold on the economic growth of the city, Portland boasts many other great qualities such as 58 microbreweries, farm-to-table restaurants and scenic trails and hikes.

Ready to make the move to the Pacific Northwest? Here are the top-growing jobs in Portland:


Always on the go, motor vehicle operators must be ready for a physically demanding job with long hours. Their duties range from delivering packages to chauffeuring people to lifting heavy cargo.

  • Growth rate since last month: 20%
  • Number of jobs: 2,335
  • Average Salary: $27,530

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Retail Employees

Do you possess excellent customer service skills? Retail employees’ No. 1 responsibility is assisting customers in making the right purchase, whether it’s new furniture, clothes or a car. The schedule can be full-time or part-time, and most work weekends and evenings. With fall just around the corner, many retail stores are hiring more employees to deal with the back-to-school shopping crowds.

  • Growth rate since last month: 7%
  • Number of jobs: 2,027
  • Average Salary: $21,410

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The main responsibilities of nurses are providing care and advice to patients. If you have an interest in the medical field and enjoy working with people, nursing could be the right fit for you. Although nursing requires specific training and education, the job is in very high demand across the country.

  • Growth rate since last month: 6.6%
  • Number of jobs: 4,1818
  • Average salary: 65,470

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Doctors are skilled in observing and diagnosing patients’ healthcare problems. They can specialize in a certain area or general health. Doctors require 10-plus years of school and training, but they are highly paid and in-demand.

  • Growth rate since last month: 6.4%
  • Number of jobs: 2,258
  • Average salary: $187,200

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Software Programmers

Are you creative and analytical? Software programmers are responsible for coding different kinds of applications for computer users. They usually specialize in a certain computer language, such as C++ or Java.

  • Growth rate since last month: 3%
  • Number of jobs: 3,505
  • Average salary: $75,000

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