Looking for Something Different? The Military Has a Job for You

Just as veterans enter a wide variety of civilian jobs when they leave the military, current military personnel also hold some unusual positions while in the service. According to Dustin DePerro, a former officer from the U.S. Army, “There are many jobs in the various military services that might not come readily to mind to those unfamiliar with the military. For example, there exist many support and niche positions from human resources, logistics, and mechanical fields to information technology support, doctors, and veterinarians.”

All branches of the military need a certain number of trained specialists, although the types of specialty training vary by service. Let’s look at just one example.

Building a Career as a Carpenter

Albert Brutko was a carpenter for the Air Force for nine years before leaving the military in 1995 to work in the California governor’s office.

Brutko said that a cousin who was a Marine advised him to pick a trade because he would always be able to use his skills even after his service in the military. As part of his training as a carpenter, the Air Force sent Brutko to Germany to learn the skills and complete an apprenticeship. Brutko’s first task as a carpenter was to perform maintenance for on-base housing units. He later was added to a team responsible for special projects, such as renovating rec centers and building structures for generals.

Military specialists also spend time training for a wartime role in the case of a military conflict. In Brutko’s case the carpentry team learned how to repair runways to prepare for a scenario when an airfield had been bombed. The team was timed on completion of the project and performed all activities in full protective gear including facemasks for possible chemical contamination.

During the first Gulf War Brutko flew into Turkey and set up camp for 5,000 military personnel. He built floors, put up tents and added heating systems, bathrooms and showers. “We basically built a city in less than two weeks,” Brutko said.

An Army of Many

Here are a few of the other interesting jobs our men and women in uniform perform while enlisted.

Military specialists can also be water purifiers, chefs, mechanics, criminal investigators and IT specialists.

In addition to putting emphasis on highly trained technical specialists, the military employs a large number of trained professionals that contribute to the health and welfare of its troops and their families.

Military personnel can encourage and protect their fellow service members as chaplains, nurses, surgeons and social workers.

Each branch of the military also employs a number of musicians and singers.

From the Army’s perspective, “The Army offers training in more than 150 different career paths. As an active duty Soldier, you will have access to all of them. Choose from jobs in art, science, intelligence, combat, aviation, engineering, law and more. There is no limit to what you can achieve.”


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