Labor Day: Jobs to Consider this Upcoming Hiring Season

With Labor Day almost here, the community pool closing and the kids are back in school, some employers will soon be hiring. Fall always means a large influx of seasonal job hiring. Here’s a list of jobs to consider if you’re looking for something temporary this fall and winter.

1. Gift wrapper

A job for the holiday season, gift wrappers work in both stores and warehouses. A great way to make some extra cash during the holidays, this is a nice side job if you’re good with holiday wrapping paper and quick with the ribbon and bows. Gift wrappers earn 2,000 per month.

2. Retail worker

Point of sale, customer service or stocking – if you have some experience in the retail sector and enjoy the fast pace of the holiday cash register, this can be a great seasonal opportunity. Seasonal retail workers make $1,300 a month.

3. Seasonal recruiter

With all the seasonal jobs available at this time of year, someone has to find all these employees. If you have recruiting experience this can be a great opportunity for you to consider during this holiday season. Seasonal recruiters can expect an average of $2,800 a month.

4. Catering cook

As the holidays bring more corporate parties, family get-togethers and town gatherings, the demand for catering cooks and buskers quickly increases. People with experience in the service industry or who enjoy cooking will have opportunities. Catering cooks can expect to make $1,900 a month.

5. Warehouse associate

Cyber Monday and months of increased web shopping mean warehouses are in need of personnel. If you’ve got the physical endurance to lift and move heavy boxes, working as a seasonal warehouse employee can be a great job for you. The average salary for this job is $1,500 per month.

6. Retail Merchandiser

If you have an eye for presentation, merchandising is a seasonal job to look for. Merchandisers set retail displays so customers can find the products they want to purchase. In this job you can expect to make $2,000 per month.

7. Groundskeeper

Once winter weather rolls in, the demand for groundskeepers quickly increases. Most of these jobs require dealing with winter snow and ice. If you have the back for shoveling and operating a snow-blower, consider taking up groundskeeping over the holidays. They make $1,750 a month.

8. Package handler

More packages are sent during the holidays then any time of year. To compensate for the surge in shipping, FedEx, UPS and the USPS hire a number of temporary drivers and delivery personnel to take care of the extra volume. As a package handler you’ll make $2,100 a month.

9. Event staff

All those winter sports, parties, banquets, dances and temporary ice rinks need staff during the holidays. If you’re in the market for extra cash during this holiday season, working on an event staff is another opportunity. Some event staff members make up to $4,100 a month.

10. Customer service representative

As more people go online to shop, more customer service issues tend to come up. If you have experience resolving customer service issues, this is a great seasonal job to consider. Expect to make $2,100 per month.