Kramer From Seinfeld’s Best Jobs

We all love him, the hipster doofus with the wavy hair. Cosmo Kramer – the best/worst neighbor ever. He’s hilarious to watch and, when it comes to careers, he’s got something to teach us all. Being creative and taking risks can result in great success. Kramer from “Seinfeld” is the ultimate entrepreneur. Here are some of his best jobs.

Office Worker 


Remember when Kramer was going into an office every morning, spending evenings working because “old man Leland is busting my hump over these reports”? Well, it did happen. Although Kramer was trying to get ahead, things didn’t work out and he was fired. But not before he gave the best job exit line ever: “I don’t even work here.”

Business jobs

Bagel cook

Remember when we all found out that Kramer had a full-time job he’d just been on strike for years? Who knew Cosmo could bake?

Baking jobs



Maybe Kramer wasn’t really a firefighter, but when disaster struck and the fire truck driver went down, Cosmo was there to pick up the slack. Too bad he didn’t know how to drive the truck.

Firefighter jobs

Coffee Table Book Author

Doesn’t everyone wish Kramer’s coffee table book about coffee tables actually was real? The best part was that it came complete with legs so the book transformed into a coffee table.

Writing jobs


“These pretzels are making me thirsty” – it’s the stuff of Oscars.

Acting jobs



Over the years Kramer held many different modeling gigs. Of course he had the underwear thing with Calvin Klein, he was a Marlboro man at one point, and who could forget the portrait he posed for? Best quote: “He is a loathsome, offensive brute. Yet I can’t look away.”

Modeling jobs

Soap Opera Stand-in 

Kramer had a brief career as a stand-in on a soap opera. However, the job was cut short after an on-set incident related to Kramer’s encouraging Mickey to “heighten.”

Handsome Cab Driver


While operating a handsome cab in “old New York” Kramer taught all of us a very important lesson: never feed a horse Beef-a-Rino.

Chauffeur jobs

Tour Guide

The J. Peterman Reality Tour, another one of Kramer’s many business schemes. But this one really happened. Kenny Kramer, the man Kramer was based on, hosts his very own “Seinfeld” reality tour where he’ll take you to places made famous by “Seinfeld” and tell you stories about where some of the ideas from the show came from.

Tour guide jobs

Fragrance designer 


Kramer had the idea of creating a fragrance that smelled like the beach. When the episode aired the idea sounded preposterous. But give Kramer credit. He was ahead of the times. Today there are multiple scents that strive to do that very thing.