Have a Knack for Notes? Five Jobs for Musicians

There are more jobs in music than becoming the next pop star sensation. There are plenty of jobs for every kind of music lover. From becoming a Music Therapist to a Music Teacher, there’s a job in music for everyone.

Vocal Coach

If your pitch is perfect and you enjoy teaching how to sing, becoming a vocal coach might be right up your alley. Vocal coaches have flexible hours, can work full-time, or hold a part-time job while you work on other musical endeavors.

Vocal coach jobs

Music Therapist

Do you have a strong interest in psychology and a love for music? A music therapist combines both and can work in all kinds of environments from prisons to schools to nursing homes. According to Forbes, “Salaries start at $20,000 for therapists at inpatient psychiatric units and top out at around $135,000 for private practitioners.”

Music therapist jobs

Music Journalist

A music journalist needs to be passionate about music and the written word. A lot of their time is spent researching stories, and their work can be found in online and print publications as well as broadcast media outlets. A college degree isn’t required to become a journalist, but a degree in journalism is strongly preferred at most publications.

Music journalist jobs

Film/TV Music Supervisor

If you’ve ever thought that you could put together the perfect soundtrack to a movie or pick just the right song for a scene in a movie, a film/TV music supervisor is the job for you. Besides choosing the music for a film or TV show, music supervisors also secure the licenses for the music being used.

Music supervisor jobs

Music Teacher

Music teachers can provide musical instruction one-on-one or in group settings. Most are found teaching at elementary and high schools, and some with formal schooling go off to teach at the postsecondary level.

Music teacher jobs