Kick Off Your Career in Football

“Football is like life – it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.” – Vince Lombardi

In the world of football, Vince Lombardi is a name that stands out for his achievements and his pursuit of excellence. Lombardi’s famous words of motivation have been used worldwide not only for on-the-field encouragement but also as life and career lessons.

This Thursday as the most popular sport in America kicks off we at Simply Hired would like to to show how a love for football can turn into a job or career.

Stadium personnel

There are many jobs that allow you to work near sporting events and enjoy the game atmosphere while you earn money. There are over 220 stadiums in the U.S. that hold over 20,000 people and each stadium employs literally hundreds of people for each event. Jobs include usher, food service worker, customer service, box office service and more. Have you ever noticed when the concession stand staff is really nice and in a good mood? There’s a reason for that.


This isn’t a job for amateurs that don’t know the game. If you can read a screen or bootleg as quickly as the guys on the field and recognize a good 40 when you see it, scouting high school and college players is a great career to consider. As a football scout you’ll have to the opportunity to attend games, practices and workouts and get paid for observing the possible value a football player can bring to the team.


Much like the football scout, refereeing isn’t a job for the armchair coach. Those who saw any of ref strike in 2012 know exactly what I mean. Football moves fast. If you know the rules and keep up with the pace of the game, working as a referee at any level can be a lot of fun. Referees, of course, have the responsibility of being impartial and maintaining the integrity of the game.

Sporting Goods Store Employee

A great job off the field, sporting goods store employees know the pros and cons of each brand of equipment, style, etc. If you want to make sure the athletes out on the field are equipped with best gear, consider working at a sporting good store. This is a retail job that allows you to work near athletes.


This is a great job where the staff is responsible for creating and maintaining the majestic sight that is the playing field. While groundskeeping during football season can require you to deal with a bit of snow, ice and sleet, this can be a great year-round job with soccer, baseball and other field sports. Not to mention golf.

Youth Coach

Imagine sharing your love of football every day with a rapt audience of impressionable youngsters who are eager to soak it all up. As a youth football coach, you will not only be able to play and teach the sport but also instill lifelong values of dedication and teamwork while promoting physical fitness. If you like being outside and around kids, then this job could be the perfect fit for you. Coaching is also a great part-time opportunity that allows you to maintain your full-time job.

Event Manager

The silent heroes of any sporting event are the event managers who ensure that the game goes smoothly and as planned without unnecessary interruption. Responsible for coordinating facilities, catering, signage, displays, monitoring budgets and ensuring legal compliance, event managers must have organizational skills and an impressive attention to detail. If you love being around the hustle and bustle of professional sports, then consider becoming one of the behind-the-scenes logistics masters who ensure that all of the moving parts of a sporting match are managed effectively.

Personal Trainer

Perhaps you love the physical nature of sports more than the game itself.  If this is the case, consider becoming a certified personal trainer.  Without the support and guidance of physical fitness trainers, professional athletes would be unable to perform at the high level that makes football so impressive to watch. Good personal trainers are always in demand and are invaluable to athletes and non-athletes, too. This job is perfect for active and outgoing personalities who want to make a large personal impact in someone’s life.

Sports Broadcaster

Consider becoming a sports broadcaster if you are an avid sports fan who always seems to know random sports facts and enjoys being in front of the camera. Those who excel in this position are outgoing and diligent in their interest and study of sports trivia and history. Maybe you’ll be the next Jim Nantz.

PE Teacher

If you like working with kids and enjoy sports and physical activity but are looking for a permanent position, consider becoming a licensed Physical Education teacher.  While you’ll still have the opportunity to join in the athletic challenges and enjoy the outdoors, you’ll also be responsible for maintaining student attendance, grades and other records.

This article was co-written by Simply Hired’s Cait Finningan and Robert Meyer, a pair of San Francisco 49ers fans.