Keep the Spark Alive in Your Current Job

What do you do when you have a job you don’t love?

Plenty of people work jobs they don’t care for to get a paycheck they really needed. But after a while there comes a point when you need to get excited again or find a new job.

When you’re happy with your job, you’re a more productive worker. It’s also in your best interest for work-life balance that you come to terms with what you do for a living. Fortunately, you don’t have to get a new job to feel excited again. Instead, you can take action and keep the spark alive with these three tips:

Adjust your attitude

It’s a human nature to overlook the good and focus on the bad. If you want to be happier with your job, you need to make an effort to think positively about it. Start an “I Love My Job” journal and make a list of three things you like about your job at the beginning of the day.

Include small things like a coworker opening the door for you and large things like the steady paycheck. Try to think of new things each day. It’s OK to overlap from week to week as long as you are listing things you’re genuinely grateful for.

Reinvest yourself

Often a lack of love is about a lack of investment. You can work on feeling more invested in the work you do by learning more about your field through professional development, meeting new people within your company for lunch or adding new responsibilities to your job. Approaching the same work from these new angles can help you feel a larger depth of attachment to what you do.

Appreciate your alternatives

While some people are motivated by positive attitude changes, others are motivated by thinking of worst case scenarios. If this sounds like you, consider spending some time each day meditating on the downside of not working your job.

This could include meditating on a past job you liked even less, the stress you would be feeling financially if you didn’t have this income coming in or how much worse things could be if your boss, CEO or coworkers were toxic.

Of course, if your boss, CEO or coworkers are toxic, you’re better off planning for a career change!

Don’t quit your job because you think the passion’s gone. Quit your job when you’ve outgrown the skills you need for the position. Until then, use these tips to fall back in love with a job that’s just waiting for you to rediscover it.

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