Job Search and Career Development Resources For Veterans

Although Veterans Day is once a year, efforts to support veterans are year-round. Simply Hired and a number of likeminded organizations have put resources in place to help those veterans returning home find a job and start their post-military careers. Here you’ll find a list of the various resources to assist veterans with their job search.

Job Sites

Job sites are often thought of as just repository for job listings—classified pages for the digital age. But the job boards designed for veterans are a bit different. Here are a few veteran specific job boards.  

Hire Veterans is similar to job sites like Monster or CareerBuilder.  However, the site exclusively features jobs curated for veterans. The site allows you to search by security clearance, in addition to keywords and location. The site also lets users create email alerts so when new jobs are available an email notification is sent. Hire Veterans has a searchable database of resumes for recruiters.

Veterans Job Bank

The Veterans Job Bank features even more specific search filters than Hire Veterans. With filters like type of service, branch of service, current status within the military and your previous military occupations, finding relevant jobs is easy.  Veterans Job Bank is a great way to get highly personalized and specific results tailored to your experience.

Simply Hired 

Simply Hired has a variety of resources useful to veterans. First and foremost is the veteran jobs filter. This filter allows searching for jobs exclusively at veteran-friendly companies. Also quite useful is the skill search tool. Specific skills acquired during time in the military can be entered into Simply Hired’s keyword search box and only jobs that require that specific skill will be delivered.

Career development resources

There are a variety of veteran career resources available for those new to resume writing, the application process and job interviews. Each of these sites provides a range of different services that are extremely valuable to veterans starting their post-military careers.

Department of Veterans Affairs

The Veterans Affairs website is loaded with great resources. It assists with drafting resumes, mapping out transferable skills and has job listings. If a veteran was disabled due to service, vocational rehabilitation services are available. The site offers veteran job seekers training and counseling on how to prepare for the next career step.

 VetNet takes career resources a step further, making them available from anywhere. The site features classes and tools for preparing for a post-military career. Classes and tutorials are divided into three career paths: 1.) Basic (for those starting their career, includes tips on resumes, interviews, etc.) 2.) Career Connections (connects veterans with one another for advice, assistance) 3.) Entrepreneur (for assistance on starting a business). After selecting a path the site redirects to a Google+ page where video classes are available to watch for free from anywhere.

Company pages 

There are a number of companies in the U.S. dedicated to helping veterans find work. Many of these companies have resources on their career websites worth checking out. Here’s one example.

Kaiser Permanente 

Kaiser’s career site is a great example of what employers can do to help veterans. The Transitioning Military section allows veterans to search for a new job with their previous military job title. By entering the military job title into Kaiser Permanente’s website, job seekers can discover completely new jobs they won’t even have known to look for. While Kaiser Permanente may be associated with healthcare, the hospital group also has a wide range of tech and IT jobs available.

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