11 Great Jobs that Do Not Require A College Degree

There’s a lot of talk about the necessity of a college degree. Although a degree can open a ton of doors for a  career, there are great jobs that you can get without one. Here’s just few that are hiring now! 

1. Dental hygienist

Dental hygienists clean teeth and check of possible oral issues and make recommendations to the dentist. Although this job requires an associate degree, it has a median salary of $70K per year. So it’s a worthy investment of the your time.

2. Web developer

Web developers are individuals that create web pages and websites. Although a degree can help you land one of these jobs, if you have experience and the necessary skills, it’s not required. You can expect to earn $49K per year.

3. Court reporter

Stenographers have one the most interesting jobs on this list. They spend day in and day out typing what is said in the courtroom. These essential members of the justice system make around $50K annually.

4. HVAC technician

Heating ventilation and air conditioning technicians are always in demand, well-paid, earning some $45K a year, and are not required to have a college degree, although certification courses are required to work in the field. Most community colleges offer training courses for this occupation.

5. Surveyor

You’ve seen them on the side of the road. Little did you know they earn around +$50K a year to calculate the exact measurements of the earth.

6. Tax examiner

Tax examiners and collectors work for the government and make sure the IRS gets the money they are owed. Experience with accounting can greatly help you land this job. The median salary is $50K a year.

7. Electrical technician

A job as an electrician requires you to install, maintain, and repair all aspects of the electrical in buildings and homes. This occupation requires a certification you can normally acquire in 2 years. Expect to make between $38K and $40K per year.

8. Caregiver

A great job for friendly individuals who enjoy volunteer-type work, caregivers assist elder and sick patients with their day-to-day health needs. Although the job doesn’t require a formal degree, you’ll need job training from a registered nurse. Caregivers make about $20K a year.

9. Fitness instructor

Perfect for health enthusiasts, there are a variety of different types of jobs you can take in fitness, including yoga instructor, Pilates instructor, and personal trainer. Experience with teaching along with on the job training will help you land this job. Fitness instructors make an average of $38K a year.

10. Bartender or Mixologist

If you’re great at remembering tall orders and keeping a cool head when overwhelmed by customers then working as a bartender can be a great job to consider. Salary will depend on location and experience.

11. Helicopter pilot

Although it’s a really far out job, helicopter pilots do not need a college degree. Of course the job requires a ton of training. But if you think flying a helicopter sounds cool, consider this career that earns $74K a year.

(All salaries from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Simply Hired).