Fall Back In Love With Your Job

If you’re reading this you’re more than likely not happy with your job. Let’s say you can’t or don’t want to leave it. Besides looking for a new job, how can you learn to love your current job situation again? All you need is to change your mindset and a few easy hacks to make your job–no matter what it is–enjoyable.

Make it a game

Is your job just plain boring? The simplest way to break the monotony of a dull task is to create a game out of it. Time yourself for 30 minutes and track how much work you get done. Do it again, and see if you can out do yourself. Similar to a video game your work output are your points and the next 30-minute interval. You’re trying to beat your previous score. Another way to use a timer to gamify work is rewarding yourself for working on a task for a given amount of time. Maybe after 45 minutes of working on your presentation you can reward yourself with a 15-minute break to walk around the block or 15 minutes of online shopping.

Listen to podcasts or audiobooks

An energy-boosting playlist always makes the work day go by faster, but you can make it even more enjoyable by listening to a podcast or audiobook. There are podcasts on all kinds of topics, and usually they are free If you’re looking to break into another industry or hunting for a new job, there are hundreds of podcasts that you can guide you. Audiobooks are another easy way to gather knowledge while still keeping up with your everyday tasks at work. Plus, you can finish a 200-page book in about four hours, so you can listen to multiple books a week if you want.

Make friends

Have you ever done something mundane like go to the grocery store, but it was fun because you were with your best friend? The same concept applies to work. While you can’t spend all your work hours socializing with friends, just seeing and chatting with a colleague at work for a few minutes can instantly brighten your work day. Solving problems and working on projects will also become more fun if you make an effort to be friends with your coworkers.

Have hobbies

Even if you have a job you love, there will always be days where work will still feel like a grind. We all need a job to survive, but being excited about something outside of work can help you get through a slow work day. If your current job isn’t fulfilling, think of it as the price you have to pay to do the things you love, whether it’s photography or cooking. If you master your hobby, you might even be able to find a way to turn your hobby into a side-gig.

Ask your boss for new project

Boredom in your job can be a sign that you’re not growing in your current position. Take inventory of what needs to be done and what interests you in your department, and ask your boss if you can work on that. Tackling a new project could reignite a new love for the job you already have.